Monday, September 19, 2011

Masami Shouko (Mini Haul)

Hi, my lovely readers ♥. aaa ! finally guys :) new post. okay, let's go to the point. so ! I had bought this things  like 2 weeks ago. okay lads, let's see the baby first

so I got : Beauty Sponge (contour shape) , Lid Colour Brush, Smokey Brush.
Masami Shouko is from Kay collection group. I think this is cheap brush but works very nice like a pro brush. also the brush is extremely fluffy and gentle ! you can see this product at store like Stars Department Store, Sogo, or something like that. for the price is average from 20.000 - 100.000. super cheap !

Get close to the brush first.

First row is : Blending brush ; Second : Lid colour brush

Blending Brush / Smokey Brush :
  • Very nice for monolid eyes because the size is not too big or small.
  • Synthetic Fiber Brush 
  • Price : Rp 25.000
Lid Colour Brush / C Shape Brush :
  • It's good for bring out the colour. 
  • Have a flat, fat brush. it's fit for monolids eyes.
  • Can you see the damaged spot ? I think this brushes are not handmade...
  • Price : Rp 22.000
sorry for those dirty spot

Blending Sponge :
  • works really nice for blending foundation (I used this for apply BB Cream)
  • but, usually the foundation or cream is stick on the sponge. :(
  • Tips : you need to wet the sponges first before you use this to blend your foundation
  • Price : Rp 18.000 (nice deal)
for Lid Colour Brush / C Brush. 
 Used this brush for bring the colour to your lids. Focusing apply just on the lid area.
Smokey Brush / Blending Brush

Used this brush for your outer eyes. for bring out the eyeshadow into a cat eye shape or just soften the color of your eyeshadow.

Haha ! sorry for my English. I knew, I need to fix it. okay so the point.

Like :
  • Cheap
  • Easy to find
  • Nice for beginners
  • So fluffy ! 
  • Dove wand. so it's made the brush looks so "pro" HAHA ! 
Dislike :
  • The shape of brushes are not perfect. 
  • The fiber are so easy to fall out !! oh my God !
  • When you wash the brushes the fiber easily fall out and so annoying 
Stars : *** (3 Stars)
Repurchase ? absolutely yes !

so, That's it :). I hope you can understand my lame explanation. God Bless you :D

see ya <3

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  1. hai..aku juga pake masami shouko yg smudge brush (smokey brush)..bagus,lembut
    tapi di aku kalo dicuci gak lepas-lepas kok bulu nya..
    btw aku follow kamu ya..follow me back ya :D

    1. masa sih ? aku kalo cuci brush engga copot-copot. mungkin pas waktu pengeringnya di biarin posisi tegak ya ? jdi airnya masuk kedalam dan bikin lem nya jadi rapuh ?
      aku cukup satisfied sama masami shouko brush ^^
      Thank you