Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Hi, long time no post ? haha. hello my beautiful friends and readers, how was October ? rainy enough yep ?. so apologies because I wasn't post anything for 2 weeks. I'm on preparing for Final exam and a lot of assignment. But, I do still want to post something to here :).

So, October have a lot of surprisingly event. You know ? Summarecon Mall Serpong phase 2 have been grand opening and I have been choose the "right" future University for meh!.

So, let's go to Summarecon Mall Serpong first. They have been Grand opening at 27th October and I just shocked because they have a lot of Amazing store such a Etude house, The skin food, Whim, Hardware, Pepper lunch !, Watsons !!, ah I forgot.But I do love this store so much it's called "Scoop" awww :) cutey name.
They sell a lots of unique stuff ! must visit haha ! I can spent a lots of money here :P but problem me I don't brought a lots of money...

Some Haul from SMS phase 2

From Watsons , Centro and Star, then Scoop.
Review will be on :D

and here's my future university. I HOPE !!! still on process to register :(

that's all just for updating. 

see ya <3

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