Sunday, December 18, 2011

Black Smokey Eyes.

Hi, my lovely readers and friends :). so H -1 Christmas right ? are you ready for the carol ? kiss under mistletoe maybe ? haha. Or maybe you gonna heading to a party with your family or friends. And you wondering about what's makeup is fit on that night.
Smokey eyes, a simple makeup looks that every girl adore with it. and now I gonna show you how to recreate this look. enjoy :)

1. First of all, put a light matte eyeshadow color as a base to create this dark look. Try : Peach color mix with white color.

2. Here we go, you can create this look using a eyeliner or just a black eyeshadow. but don't put too dark on the inner lids that's make your eyes looks so puffy. smokey eyes is about blend blend all the harsh edges.

3. and finally. put a eyeliner on top and lower lashline. put your favorite mascara. then fix your eyebrow. Put some lipgloss, warm blush on. and ready to rock the party :P


Voila, Thank you very much to Mandy for kindly to be a model and borrowed her SLR Camera :P.

Model : Mandy Amanda @mandymorre
Makeup : Marsha
Camera and lighting : Jessica and Marsha

Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday guys :)
see ya <3

P.s : Sorry for my bad english and grammar. I know, I need to practice and fix my english :(. but Thank you :)

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