Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christmas & New Year Party Makeup Inspired

In this photo : Marsha K.S.
Hia !! SAY YEAI TO HOLY-DAY. Okay, before the Christmas and New year will be attend. Maybe, you're still confusing what kind of makeup did perfectly to wear. I live at Indonesia and some of girls here are doesn't use makeup for everyday. Makeup are kinda too heavy at here. So, I just created this looks that not too heavy to wear but still get the feel.

First of all, I'd like to say Thank You to my Friends Jessica and Mandy to be my model. Haha ! Let's get start beybeh.

 1. First apply a light colour as a wash to all of your lids. Try : Peach and mix it with white shimmering color

 2. Apply a light gold color, use yellow as a base and on top of that apply light gold colour. Try : Retrospeck (MAC)

 3. Mix dark gold baked color with black eyeshadow and apply it on the outer eye shape. blend the color little bit higher from eye crease.

 4. Apply a thick liner on upper lashline and on the lower lashline stop the line at the middle. it's make a bigger eyes illusion.

5. Voila, add some mascara fix your eyebrow and give a little bit highlight color at brow bone. and you ready to rock the party with your friends or family.


I apply a light pink kiss color on her check and some bronze at her checks bone. and Give her some glossy pink lips look. Try : Maybelline Lip Gloss in Raspberry.

Makeup : Marsha
Hairdo : Marsha
Photographer : Marsha and Mandy.
Lighting : Marsha and Mandy
Outfit : Model's

Thank you so much to read this post. hopefully this will help you decided what looks is the best. :). For Mandy and My makeup looks will be attend. just wait and subscribe my blog :P.

see ya <3

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