Saturday, January 14, 2012

Current Favorite

         Hi, so this gonna be the Random-est post ever. Here's I gonna talk to you about my current favorite. 
        First, My perfume it's Aigner Too Feminine. I don't know, right now I can't stand up without any perfume. At holidays I was spent my time with my Mom to hunt some perfume surprisingly we got 5 bottle. Maybe the Photos will be coming soon. Aigner too feminine, absolutely smells like the name. very sweet, tender,and feminine. HAHA, I usually use this for everyday (school).

       Then, Thank you very much for my friend Michelle. who has introduce me with this snack call Weet-Bix bites. SO FREAKING YUMMY!! and low fat. I current eat this with low fat milk. I really like this for my "diet" program. And then, I do really like this mug from Poka-ribs. aww so cute isn't it ? so adorable. I want one ! haha.

sorry, for this random post haha :) Just want to showing you some "things" that I have done. Thank you. Have a great day. and don't forget to follow my blog for my next post :D


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