Tuesday, January 17, 2012


      HI ! well, maybe you curious about the title :D haha. It's about my achievement as a makeup blogger. I'm not an artist or a girl who join the makeup class. I just watched a lots of makeup videos at youtube since I still Junior High School. Now, I'm gonna take a seat at my college.

     So, TODAY ! yeahhh... 17 January 2012. I was winning a fashion show at my school (boo...) haha. it's okay because I still happy, I can have another experience for do a Makeup at another person. Actually not me who winning the competition I was at the backstage as a Makeup "artist". LOL :). unexpectedly we (Jela, Selly, Jessica and also Michelle as a model) can got the runner up position :D.

 Thank you Michelle as my guinea pigs ;) hahaha ! I just kidding if you read this :p

See my face. I just got "dewy" effect (re: shinny oily face) from my bb cream :P. haha
and for the extra, here's some pictures of myself playing around with my friends Rudolph's horn hehe.


well, once again I said Merry Christmas :P haha. ow yeah, sorry for skip the "vintage pin up" post. I just not ready for that post. I still editing some photos :[.

so, Thank you so much for visited my blog and have a nice day :D


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