Thursday, February 2, 2012

Eleven TAG!!

Hi, my beautiful friends :). so after a long long time no posting anything at my blog. 'cause of my busyness of school, exam, and another things to do.

First of all, Thank you for Chino-Chan from Pururu World to tag this to me. HEHE ! This is my first time ever !! was tagging in another blog :P.

Here we go the question ^^ *excited!

1.Make Up or Skincare? Why?
well, since I have a trouble with my skin (Pimples,Acne,oily). In my case, I prefer Skincare than makeup. because the benefits from skincare will last long than Makeup.

2.What make up that you bring along inside your make up pouch?

HAHAHA! I'm a typical girl that will bring all my Makeup that I wear that day ! (LOL). My makeup bag is quite big.But, I always bring Lipbalm,Eyeliner (Maybelline Gel), Pressed powder for touch up, and Oil Paper. I can't throw my day without those things.

3.Lipgloss or Liptint?
LIPTINT baby! I don't really like lipgloss. well! I already have a voluminous lips and if I wearing a lipgloss it's gonna turn into a gigantic lips -_-.

4. Blackberry or Android?
well, I'm not a phone person. Now, I'm using Blackberry and I don't like it so much!. I prefer Android than Blackberry

5.What makes you decide to blog? And which part do you like in blogging?
I like to share a things to another people. Things that I already learned before. And blogging is a best way to share all of my opinions.I like to visit another blogger and post a comment to give my opinions to they :P. hehe

6.Mascara or False Lashes?
False Lashes, I have so freaking thin lashes!!

7. If you could travel somewhere in Earth, what would it be?

PARIS, My parents already visited Paris. and They said Paris is the most beautiful place that they ever travel.

8. What color do you think represent you the most?
RED, Dominate, Powerful, Confident and Sexy ;) HAHAHAHHAAHA!! (kidding)

9. Name one your favorite dish.
I love all kind of food. specially nasi padang ;9. yum yum...

10. Mention your favorite candy flavor.
oh my God!! I love nerds !! love love love. But, It's so hard to find at my country.

11. Dark Chocolate or Milk Chocolate
Dark Chocolate, more tasty than Milk chocolate. Seriously!

wow! Haha ! kinda a little bit tired to answer all of this question :P. hehe Sorry, I can't to make a new question or Tagging another blogger :(. So sorry, because I need to go to my bed and get a rest for my SCHOOL tomorrow. I'm still in Senior High School :) haha!.

Thank you again for Chino-Chan from Pururu World.


Next Post : Valentine's day seduction Makeup.

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