Saturday, February 11, 2012

Sweet Seduction

Valentine gonna be attending by 3 days again. Be prepare girl, If you are single or mingle be sure to still beautiful and sweet at the V-day. We don't want to look sad and lonely at valentine. In my case, I gonna spend my all day with all of my Friends go to BBQ. wasting my Instax and go to the kitchen make a chocolate for my self, friends, and FAMILY :).

This looks is about playing sweet with pink and brown and also a little pinch of black on your eyes. for cheeks keep it soft and warm by shimmering pink blush. for lips try to play hard with soft red lipstick. 

I use : Elise False Eyelashes, Maybelline Gel eyeliner, Revlon Lipstick in Blush Mauve, Lip liner by Nonna.

well, please tell me what kind of activity you will doing at V-days ? :)

stay pretty,

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