Sunday, March 11, 2012

Vintage Era

Here's some photos from my High School Yearbook :). Venue : OTEL LOBBY, Bakrie Tower.

Group Photo.


 Love this photo
 Thank you for @itsmeclauudiaa for kindly give me this all the photos from her SLR

Playing around with Restaurant Props with @mmicchheellee 

Thank you so much for XII Social 2. you, guys are fun-tasticlicious ! LOL
 On me :
PAC Liquid Foundation (the Lightness shade)
Revlon Photo Ready Concealer (Light)
Maybelline Clear smooth Powder (Light)
Etude Eye brow Gel
Aubeau Prime Eye
Nonna Eyeshadow Pallete
NYX Lipstick ( Eros ? )
PAC Blush Pallete 
and I combine 2 Thick Eyelashes 
Maybelline Volum' Express

Not all the products are mine. but all the girls in my class share the makeup together haha :)

Remember, High school is the best time in our life. So, don't forget to make it unforgettable. 
(fail quote)


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