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Graduation Makeup (Golden Eyes)

Hi, Sorry for not to post anything. it's been 2 weeks maybe ?. I have a problem with my laptop, I can't use it anymore. so, all the photo for this blog just been missing. Then, I used my family Computer. And, Here doesn't have any Movie Editor Program. So, I can't do a Video Tutorial :(. and also I have been busy with my new Bedroom ^^, My Parents and I just decorated again my room.

Here we go, In this Month a lots of students will be graduate right ? Also me !. So, Here's a Makeup Tutorial for your Graduation. If you want to do this by yourself. 'cause some girls afraid to go to salon because "mbak-mbak salon" sometimes do the makeup too much. Am I right ? :)) Haha ! So, Here We go !!



Start with a Bare face, Moisture your face and don't forget to lipbalm your lip.
This step it's very Important for your skin. Don't Skip it, after this step use a Face Primer (Makeup Base) for make your makeup last longer. (I don't have any Face Primer so I just skip it)

Foundation is an Important step right here. This gonna make your face more Flawless and repair your skin tone. Here I used Revlon Colorstay for oily / combination skin in Sand Beige. 

ps : Stick with a low SPF foundie because high SPF foundie will reflects more light. "You doesn't want your face looks like a pale ghost at the photo right ?"

Blend the foundation really well to all of your face. Don't put too much you doesn't want like wearing a mask right ?


Next, Concealed your dark circles, around your nose, around your lips, red spot, pimples, any kind of imperfections. and don't forget to blend it really well !

Next, Powder ! 
1. Powder have two kinds : Pressed and Loose. Loose coverage more, Pressed is more sheer.
2. Because I want to looks perfect in this event so I prefer to use Loose
3. Use a sponge or brush to apply this 
4. If you use sponge pad any excess powder on back of your hand.
Use a Pad motion, this is a best motion to coverage your face more.


Same as your face, You will need a primer. You can use a Concealer or Eyeshadow base. But, I prefer to use a Eye base from Aubeau.

1. Use a Yellow or Gold undertone color as a color base for gold color. Apply this all over your lids. ( Using a flat eyeshadow brush from Masami Shouko)

Gunakan warna kuning atau emas yang tidak begitu mencolok. Ini sebagai dasar warna untuk warna emas yang akan kita gunakan selanjutnya. Aplikasikan warna ini diseluruh kelopak mata. Jangan naik ke atas- atas ya !

2. Use a Shimmering bright gold. Apply this at inner corner of your lids.

Gunakan warna Emas terang dengan shimmering. Aplikasikan dibagian dalam kelopak mata. 

 3. Use a Orange brown color. apply this color at outer corner of your lids blend any harsh edges (Using Fluffy blending brush from Masami Shouko)

Gunakan warna cokelat ke-orange an. aplikasikan warna ini dibagian sudut luar mata. Baurkan dan beri efek smokey

 4. Use a darker brown to give a dimensional eye makeup. apply this color at outer corner and make a V shape for cat eye looks.

Gunakan warna Coklat gelap untuk memberikan efek dimensi mata. aplikasikan pada ujung kelopak mata bentuk V untuk memberikan Cat eye.

 5. Use a brown color and apply this on outer edges at lower lashline. this give a balance ( Using small eyeshadow brush from Masami Shouko)

Untuk menyeimbangkan warna eyeshadow gunakan warna coklat di bagian luar garis bulu mata bagian bawah.
6. Use a white for highlight. apply this at inner corner of your eyes.

Gunakan warna putih sebagai highlight. aplikasikan di bagian bawah dalam mata. Ini berfungsi untuk membuat mata terlihat lebih terbuka dan segar.

7. Using a skintone color for highlight at the browbone area


Tighline your upper lashline ( Maybelline pencil eyeliner in brown ) for give a fuller lashes look. 
Line your eyes as close as possible to the lashline (Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in black) don't draw to thick or to long. keep it natural and thin.

Curl your lashes, and apply your fake lashes ( come on girls just for this event, Fake eyelashes make your eyes more open and bigger ) I'm using MAC no 7 False Eyelashes. apply this by looking down to the mirror. this gonna make easier to apply the lashes. Don't forget to coat the False and real lashes with mascara.

Fill your eyebrow. Full looking eyebrow make you looks more younger. Use a Clean mascara wand and brush your eyebrow too make it more set.


P.s : Don't use too much blush !! you doesn't want too looks like a "Dakocan" right ? use a bright pink and apply the color on apples of your cheek . BIG SMILE ( What kind of expression on my face in that photos ) I'm using Lancome pallet IDK for the color name / shade. 

 Use a bronzer or if you don't have any use a Medium Brown color ( you can use an Eyeshadow) and start shading and contour your face. POINT : Suck up your mouth and apply the color bellow your cheek bone and apply it on the hairline.

Highlight your face by using a bright color such like white or beige and apply it bellow your eyes.

Then, Shading your nose (Flash Photography will flatten your face) use a medium brown to shading your nose. don't put to much blend with your finger to natural look.


Actually, Lip liner also an important step but I don't have it ! ( Lip liner make your lipstick color stay longer. It's like a Lip base ). So, Just put a natural lipstick . Don't use a crazy or too bright color in this event but you can go with Red rouge color :P. ( lipstick : Revlon Blushing Mauve) Use a lipgloss if you want ( Revlon in Crystal Lilac )

OH MY GOD ! YEAH I CAN SAY THAT YOU HAVE FINISH LOOKING MY FUNNY FACE. Get Ready with your hair and wear your best dress or Kebaya ( Indonesian only ). And go get that what you want after waiting 3 years at Senior High School.

Remember Girls ! Senior High school is also a best part of your young life. Still wild, free and doesn't think anything beside PLAY, HAVE FUN, YOUNG LOVE AND SPENDING MONEY lol. So, Enjoy this moment and get ready to start a new part of your life.


 Meet my little brother : ) . Neh, He's not my son -__- I'm still a student
What I'm doing after do this tutorial. This makeup just last on my face just for 2 hours LOL !!

After this I'm gonna make a Prom Makeup Tutorial :) Stay tune and don't forget to leave a comment as a opinion on this looks. SORRY FOR A LONG POST ! I wish I can make a video again :(. 

see ya <3

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