Thursday, June 7, 2012

PU Jogjakarta & Graduation


Okay, first of all. What is PU or Polaroids Updates ? Polaroids updates is one my my blog fun program. I like to use my Polaroids, and I have a lots of that picture. Some of my activities always captured by Polaroids.

So, This is updates from 1 month ago. I went to Jogjakarta with my Family for celebrating Vesak / Waisak days.We spent like 4 days in Jogja and Magelang.
We stayed at Malioboro hotel Palace for 3 days. We went to Jogjakarta by using a train (YIPEE) actually train is same comfortable like use a plane.

I tattoo-ed my hand but it's already disappear. If you follow my twitter you will catch the picture of my tattoo henna hand.
No more talking for jogja. here's the pictures

Brotherhood Shoot , Left - Right (at Merapi, Jenta at Prambanan, Andre and Me)

Family shoot , MOMMY AND DADDY at Prambanan

Awkward pose (really). Me at Prambanan
   Actually, I have still 1 photo left but I forget to scan it. LOL

I don't bring to much instax with me at this moment. Only 3 left on my polaroid. I have so much good memories with my Senior High School girlfriends. From bad into good memories.

Thank you so much to filled up good memories for my Teenage life and also a good teacher. especially, Mr.Heri (MR?!), Ms. Andre. They have a good role for my academics life. Mr. Heri fix my Mathematics score that I can reach 100 for my entire school life. ( I'm so stupid at Math). and Ms. Andre help me to fix my English for college essay. and Because of Ms. Andre I can school at London School of PR.

Here's so picture at graduation.

Shara, Selly, Sheila (back WHERE YOUR FACE HEEE), Michelle, Jela, Me, Claudia, Paramita

That's all my super Girlfriends. I love their so much :* MUACH !.
We should wearing Kebaya (Indonesia Traditional Outfit) , I like spent 50$ for all my outfit -_-. I do my Makeup and hairdo by myself. I'm so dying with my bangs 'cause it's too long.

That's it for my PU :3. See you at the next PU.