Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Talika Instant Manicure [Sponsored]

Hi, Have you ever been have a same case like me ? Yellowing nail after take too much nail polish in your nail ? Here's Talika comes with their Instant manicure, Which is a powder made from fuit and plant extracts whitens and cleans your nails in three minutes. WOW!


The packaging is really simple. This remind me to instant noodle spicy powder. hehehe

Close up for Talika Manicure powder

Talika said this instant manicure can :

  • Whitens the nail tip
  • softens cuticles
  • lays a protective film
  • gets rid of the smell of tobacco 
Wow, it's good if you're a woman with a lots of schedule and only can take a "snap" to take care your nails.

Directions for use :

I made a video for this Talika Instant Manicure. Starring Indix (Index finger) and all of nail family :D

1. Pour the powder into a bowl of warm water. The water should be enough to cover nails completely.
2. Place your fingertips in the solution
3. Gently "wiggling" them for three minutes
4. Dry with a soft towel or cloth

and finally...

First Impression

  1. I don't know... maybe I paint my nail too long so my nail becomes really yellow... and Talika can't cover it up. Yeah, It does fix a little bit. 
  2. I feel of squeaky clean nail after dry it with towel.
  3. You can see a hard nail or death skin around my nails goes a little bit.
  4. It's gives a very good floral scent on my nail. I can't stop sniff it !!
  5.  I don't know how about the price. I founded in $25.99 quite pricey. But's worth it la.
That's it. Sorry for my freaking bad english. and I hope this can help you :).

Thank you so much for Talika visit them Talika FACEBOOK | WEBSITE | TWITTER

God bless you girls :*

see ya <3


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  2. OMG!! This is so cute.. I should try this instant manicure :)

    The Passion of Fashionista

    1. Thank you :) yeah you should try this instant manicure. You can find any talika store at METRO Plaza Senayan and Pondok Indah Mall!