Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Your Safety our Priority - SolusiMu [Video] (Sponsored)

Hi, are you scare with Public Toilet ? and always make a distance between your ehmm... sorry butt and toilet seat ? and you already tired with that routine ? Here's comes Solusimu.


My first impression about this product is "hu ?" because I never saw a product like this before. But, until that time when I came back from my office and want to lunch at City Walk I came to a local drugstore and I saw a familiar product like this. But, the packaging doesn't want make me to pick it up. LOL ! 

I always in hurry when I need to pee.. If I rip a toilet paper one by one it will take a while time and maybe if I'm not hurry I will pee on my pants !! NOO!!!. Well, after Solusimu give me their product my life become more easier than before ... yeaii

Okay no more talking let me show you how to use this product with this video.
Yeah, I still dying with my broken camera.

Product Basic Info :

Packaging :

  • 9,5 cm X 8 cm (Travel Pack)
  • 1 Pack - 10 sheets
  • Travel friendly (fit with your makeup pouch or bag)
Price  :
Product :
  • 100% Virgin Pulp
  • 100% Biodegradable
  • Convenient
  • Flushable and Disovable in Water
Packaging and Information

I still really upset with this product. Because it's still not available on local store or drugstore I need this seriously (I speak like this not because this products are sponsored HAHA!). I'm quite a lady like about hygiene specially with my butt (?!) I don't want any germs or disease touch it ! ewww grosss!!
Well since solusimu still not available on local store.You can purchase it at their website.
for more info please visit their website or media social :)


see ya <3


  1. I got sponsored too! Hehe mine is here http://koalakiss.blogspot.com/2012/07/germs-are-not-for-sharing.html :3