Thursday, August 23, 2012

PO Korean Cosmetics (by : Zatura Shop)

Hi, You know how I love Korean Cosmetics ? Some of Indonesian Girls have been hypnotized by Korean actress with flawless, glowing, healthy looking face. YO GIRL ! YOU KNOW THAT NOT REAL ! I believe real actress will be have a so much break out because of stress and tired. How they conceal it or hide it in front of all audience and their fans ? Of course MAKEUP (Magic Key Up #maksa).

But, In Indonesia authentic products is hard to get and if you want to get the 100% Real Cosmetics you must visit their counter. But, you must get ready because the price can be 2-3 more expensive. So, what is the solution ? Of course ! online shop that provide Pre Order system or Ready Stock.

One of trusted online shop...

Well, first time I spot this online shop name is from the another blogger. Indonesia Beauty Blogger is already believe with this online shop. They have a good service and quality. Honestly I never bought anything from this online shop. Actually that I was planned to buy Skin79 BB cream from this online shop. You know what ? After looking some of online shop I founded that Zatura have the lowest price. 

what you should happy again ? They attend a Discount Party. Yeah for that :D.
It's already start from august until 5 september. Without Minimum order and you can get the discount 10% :).
 What is Pre-order ? Let me explain to you by this video.

OW YEAH ! zatura also sponsored this event :D Make sure you join their contest or maybe join their makeup class :D

Make sure you check out their


  1. cool sharing! will check it out! <3

    1. Hai sabrina :) Thank you. Yeah ! you should check it out :)