Friday, December 14, 2012

IT'S SKIN Macaron Lip Balm (Grape & Apple) [sponsored]

Can you guess which one is real ?
As sweet as Macaroon. Comes in cute packaging with attracting pastel color, makes you want to applying it on again, again and again.  

100 % looks alike macaroon (small sweet cakes or cookie popular at french). 
Diameter : 5 CM
Thickness : 2 CM
not so big, still friendly to brings this everywhere and it's not heavy at all. Once I took this out after eating at restaurant and my Mom said "you put that things in your bag ?" my mom thought its a real macaroon LOL!

Main ingredientsVitamin A, C, E derivatives,Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter and Chrysanthmum extract.

It comes in 4 different scents. Grape (Purple), Apple (Green), Strawberry (pink), and Pineapple (Yellow). All in pastel packaging. Scent is not too strong, soft and It's smells like grape soda, apple soda, strawberry soda, or pineapple soda (eh ?)

Consistency and Texture
Like another lip balm, but it's very thin and not too greasy. Very smooth and easy to applied, and really easy to melt down on your lips so it will be glide very nice. Give you fresh looking lips, it's transparent but whenever I applied this on my lips will looking pinkish and healthy.

Good looking nichkhun ! Thai prince as a model for this lip balm. Kissable lips for nichkhun :*

Pretty pastel
Because the products really close to the edge of container, it's really easy to take out the products. So you doesn't need to dip in your finger to take out the products. That a big problem if you have long nails, and need to scoop out the product with your fingers some product will tucked between your nails and that is freaking annoying!

Very moisturise my lips without felling greasy 

Where To buy ?
SMS, Telp/Whatsapp 08-9999-02019
YM: order.zaturashop / order.zaturascg
Pin BB : 215D716F

CLOSED PO for IT's SKIN will be closed TOMORROW (15 December 2012) sorry for late information. so you need to hurry up ladies!!

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  1. Mirip macaroon asli jd pengen di makaaan. lol

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    1. iya haha ! racun banget buat "banci packaging" hihi :D

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