Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Kawaii Beauty Japan

YEAI!! super duper excited. Maybe some of you doesn't know how much I love Japan. Because this blog just represent me reviewing Korean stuff. Because Japanese cosmetics are so expensive *sob*.

This post will be inform you about new beauty media on internet brought to you originally from Japan.

Must say that I more into to Japan rather than Korea. I love Japanese culture, peoples and their environment everything just so "beautiful". I start to like Japan since I was on Junior High School, crazy about anime (Naruto, yeah! I'm a big fan of naruto. I have Comics and all the episode and stop liking from Shippuden because it's just boring. Just fighting to see sasuke ._. whaaaat), I also learn a little bit Japanese language but until now I just can say "tadaima". ...

Why I also love about Japanese beauty ? Japanese woman treat their skin and proudly to use their traditional way. Such as rinse your face with rice water. And only Japan that have a lot of style such as Gyaru, Hime-Gyaru (once my room full of bow because I obsessed with Hime thingy ._.). My mom also love Japan, she already went their :'( and just come home with a kimono for me that I used on the video and It already too small for me :'((.

so envy mom.. really -_-
So ! What's is KBJ ? or Kawaii Beauty Japan ? so basically it's a web media about beauty and healthy. Sharing all stuff about Japan and it's beauty. Teaching you guys how to become beautiful inside and outside. KBJ originally comes from Japan since 3 years ago, brought to Indonesia since 21th April 2013. KBJ also not just an ordinary beauty portal, they also have a campaign and giveaway! cooperation with a bunch of Japanese brand in Indonesia.

Kawaii Beauty Japan share Beauty tips, Makeup tips, Skin Care, Diet and Healthy life style. Also teaching you Japanese culture. For me it's a fun way to learn beauty and also country that I really adore.

So yeah, how to join KBJ ? 

Go to their facebook fanpage and just click the like button. EASY RIGHT ?
Let's join ;)

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  1. I also love the Japanese culture and I'd have to agree with you, their cosmetics are a bit steep when shipped out of their country. I'm from the PH and I've been dying to try some Japanese beauty products but they aren't a practical choice for me. :/