SKIN79 Super+ Bebles Balm Triple Functions Review (Hot Pink/Pink Label)

September 20, 2012

Should I say "annyeonghaseo" (tell me if it's typo) ? Because it is THE MOST WANTED BB Cream ! Skin79 Super+ BB Cream Triple Functions from Korea. Some people said this is Hot Pink / Pink Label because the adorable magenta pink color packaging. BB cream have been so popular since K-Drama, K-POP, K K K ! Everything about Korean. BB Cream itself doesn't comes from korea but from German, Korea improve the formula and make it popular until now.

Every girl in this world (maybe) wants a flawless looking skin without a bunch of makeup and skincare. So, Here we go BB Cream Multifunctional cream that contains MAKEUP BASE, FOUNDATION,SKINCARE. Everyone love simple and fast things with a good benefits.


Name : Skin79 Super+ Beblesh Balm BB Triple Functions (Hot Pink / Label Pink)
Netto : 15 gr
Packaging : Thick Plastic (silver Pump), Doesn't have any lids to cover up
Height : 11 cm
Made In Korea

Base : Water
Coverage : Light - Medium
Consistency : Medium - Thick
Finish : Dewy Finish . Matte ? set with powder

Shade : Greyish (Available 1 shade)
Scent : Floral

Contains :
  • Arbutin (Whitening Skin)
  • Tangerine Oily (Moist for lively skin)
  • Phyto-Complex (Nutrition for your skin)
  • Sunflower , Rice Bean (Protects Skin)
  • Adenosine (Wrinkle Improvement)
Claims :
  • Whitening
  • UV Protecting SPF25 PA++
  • Wrinkle Improvement 
  • Sebum Control 


It does cover some redness on my skin, But it doesn't cover my silly pimples. It has a dewy finish that make my skin really healthy and fresh. I never apply this BB Cream 2 layers or more, I just need 1 Pump and 1 layer to work with. 

So, one day I decided to use this BB Cream and test this at my College time. F.Y.I : my college place in the middle of traffic jam (Sudirman) , I'm not a girl that luxuriate with drive a car or bla bla. I took a bus and walk from Benhil to my building. SO ! you can imagine how my face will be.

I put some powder to set it, and some makeup like I normally do for college.
Then, After a "long adventure" of my college so here's the result.

 ow yeah, I forgot to released my ID CARD. STUPID!!
not too shiny (I just blot one time in my class time 'cause it was to boring... blotting your face sometimes can be fun ._.)
LOL ! my face looks so tired and yeah I took the photos at bus. (I was alone with one old lady)

Pros :
  • Travel Size (I always bring this everywhere now)
  • Simple
  • Floral Scent (LOL! I like sniff on this thing right now ._. I swear)
  • Not Pricey at all (Rp 75.000,- at HERE)
  • Wearable for everyday
  • Not Cakey at all
  • Cover my redness
  • Last long day ( you need re-apply if you want go to Beach or Jakarta.... Sunbathing everywhere ._.)
Cons :
  • Little bit hard to blend ( I use my finger, then it's more easier to work with)
  • Hard to find, doesn't available at any store at Indonesia. 
  • Have a lots fake SKIN79 now at Indonesia. (Solve?)
Go visit Zatura Online Shop, they admit all of their products are original and authentic from Korean and also provide another brand such as M.A.C, EOS. EcoTolls, and bla bla bla

silly face with flash on at 5 A.M !!
Finally . I want tonsay a bunch thank you for Zatura online shop for giving this opportunity to try this product. Before that, once I contact their Facebook to buy the SKIN79 . But then Skin79 are out of stock, 2 weeks later they contact me to send this BB cream for review. HAPPY!! YEAH LA!

Where to get this BB CREAM ?


 Tell me what your favorite BB CREAM ? Have you tried BB CREAM / this BB Cream ?

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  1. Di aku si hot pink ini greyish banget, engga long last pula 2.5 jam udah bubar jalan >.<

    1. Iya ya emang muka orang itu beda-beda ada yang cocok ada yang engga :)

  2. LOL.. skrg Jakarta disamakan dengan pantai ya sha saking panasnyaa *ngakak xD

    aku dulu pakai ini jg tp krn dia grey tone gt jdnya merasa agak kusam abis pakai.. akirnya aku kasi k mamaku deh :p

    1. Malah lebih adem pantai sekarang, iya awalnya aku juga takut greyish banget soalnya :(

  3. aku suka packaging nya yang kecil dan gampang di bawa ^^

    salam kenal ya ^^
    newbie nie...main-main ke blog ku ya say ^^

    1. Iya lucu yah ! Travel friendly banget hehe :) aku jadi suka bawa kemana-mana hehe . Oke entar aku main :)

  4. Niceee marsha.. Cover bgt ya dimaku,jd natural gt,aku sk skin79 hot pink cz bnr2 cover dan tahan lumayan lama seh diaku,max 4jam br bubuar jalan :) juga brtc jasmine aku sk kedua bb cream itu ga mudah berminyak
    Aniwei..nice post :)

    1. :) iya dia agak cover di aku. iya sih aku juga cuman tahan 5-6 jam sehabis itu harus reapply lagi hehe. :) thanks for recommend nya :D

  5. I really like this bb cream! Yes i get to try it because apparently my sis bought one haha i never knew! Anyway, wow i cant believe u wake up at 5 in the morning *gasp*
    Nice post!

  6. hi dear,, I give you an award ^^
    check this out :

  7. i've been wanting to try this for the longest time. i used missha before and still thinking if this bb cream is much better than that. im a new follower btw.