[The FaceShop Lovely Me;ex] Nail Polish YL702

September 18, 2012

Big sorry for my stupid, ugly, bare, no makeup face and awkward pose. LOL, I made this post right after I back from my college. My brand new life still going fun and yeah.... I still try to enjoy it.

Okay ! Stop with my boring life.
Did you know about color therapy ? what your favorite color ? Did you know that your favorite color is represent your personality, but also can help match your mood. I always stick with bright color or warm. My favorite color are sky blue, white black (boring), red blood / maroon, and also yellow. still not believing ? go my late post and see what color stick the most.

YELLOW means : spongebob (LOL) , Enthusiastic, Attractive, Powerful, Happy, Joy. Everything I explain exactly what spongebob's character looks like. HAHA! That's why I like yellow.


I love this nail polish since thezaturashop.com send this lovely nail polish to me. Honestly I'm not a nail polish junkie. But, because of this freaking bright color I can't my mind to try this out.

Name : The Face shop Lovely me;ex Nail polish
Color : YL702 (Yellow)
Material : Transparent glass, White plastic cap.
Height : 8cm (quite big because of the cap)

Brush / applicator : very thick, It have a flat handle but the end of brush actually it's rounded.
Height : 1,5 cm (Good for long nails)

Consistency : Medium - Thick (little bit hard to apply for me!!)
Finish : Gloss but not to shiny (apply top coat if you want more shiny)  , Doesn't give you streaky marks.

when I tried to apply 1 layer the color doesn't show up, but when I applied it 2 layers it's so PRETTY!. The nail polish is quite have a thick consistency so it's a little bit hard to apply (or just because I'm not good enough about nail thingy) LOL.

Because I want something different with my nails, I decided to buy a dotting tools. that's why I pending this review. HAHA!.

Which one do you prefer ?! Let me know ! by put a comment bellow :)

Pros :
  • Easy to apply 
  • Fast drying
  • Last longer 
  • Pigmented / not sheer
  • Have a lots of shade from this collection Lovely me;ex
Cons :
  • Stink (like another nail polish smell .o.)
  • I think The faceshop's counters at Indonesia stop selling this product. 
So, Go try to find this products here  , They provide PRE ORDER Korean or Western cosmetics brand.
Matchy matchy with my blackberry's silicon (yellow: attractive)
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I think from this picture you will now what are my next post right ? :)

visit Zatura online shop :

Thank you very much, If you have any question please let me know :D. Don't be shy to tell what on your mind now :). 

see ya <3

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  1. Nice color marshaaa... Matching banget sama hp nya hihihi bgs bgs bgsss sai..l wrnanya cerahhh...itu brp an ya sai hrgnya kalau bole tau

    1. HAI :D iya nih matching banget yah ^^ jadi makin semangat buka hape deh sekarang hehe. untuk lengkapnya mungkin kamu bisa visit Zaturashop online yang ada di atas linknya :D

    2. thanks ya marsha buat infonya,uda meluncur disana,ternyata murah bgt,dan product lain aku sempet tanya ternyata OS nya jualnya murah2 ya ,makasih marsha

    3. ^^ wah senang deh kalau begitu bisa ngebantu kamu. sama-sama :D

  2. lucu sha wrna kuningnyaaa :D
    aku lebi suka yg popsicle drpd yg dot, lebi unik :D

    1. lucu ya :'D bikinnya juga lucu haha ! belepotan kemana-mana ^^

    2. hi rin ^^ aku kebalikannya ,dot nya bagus ^^ hihihi

    3. Hi Emily, :) kamu bisa pakai tusuk gigi atau jepitan rambut warna hitam yang kecil2 buat bikin dot nya loh :)

  3. I love the color! it is so pretty. I am however hate spongebob. yes I am one of those ppl that do not like spongebob. I don't get why ppl like him. ugghhh back to topic: love love the nail polish. i have that dotting tool too and yes it is so much fun to play with those. I literally play with that dotting tool for a whole entire week when I first got it. Love it!!

    great review btw. So r u the chosen one for the zatura shop ambassador? congrats if you are!! xoxo

    1. Well, hha i love spongebob character. He have a really annoying but funny laugh. Hha not yet, they don't decide it yet :)

  4. marsha, cobain kalo kuning+merah api gituuu.. unyu deh kayakya ^^
    btw I already follow your blog, mind to follow back? ^^


    1. iya tapi aku engga ada warna merahnya gitu :(. hehe merah digradasiin yah :).
      boleh aku folback yah :D

  5. hello marsha..gimana kalau lain kali warna kuning+pinknya patrick. hha. the theme will be BFF then. LOL

    anyway, i'm a new follower. if you don't mind, follow me back?


    1. Hay Priska :). wah idenya bagus juga hehe. boleh loh kalau kamu juga buat terus dishare disini :D. oke :D