Skin Junkie BonBon Babe

July 01, 2013

"Craves for some sweets ? Bonbon Babe, Natural sweet barsoap, With a sprinkles of fresh oatmeal that will exfoliate your skin gently" - Skin Junkie. A few days ago I was visited Skin junkie Beauty Talkshow with Blogger Franky Wu. Skin Junkie staff with generous give this barsoap to me to tried and review and the result is SO MUCH LOVE FOR THIS NATURAL SOAP BAR.

Maybe some of you never hear about this brand Skin Junkie. Yeah they're local brand for Bath and Body products proudly made by several talented student from Prasmul University. Based on vintage theme and natural products here's Skin junkie.

I personally doesn't like soap bar, because they're bulky and slippery. But if its smells good and yummy I will love it. This Vanilla and Honey soap bar does win win my heart the smell of it. Perfect dupe of L'occitane Almond shower oil. The soap bar comes with oat meal which one my trick to exfoliate my dead skin on my face too, so I think is definitely perfect and brilliant.

 It doesn't moisturizing as well as shower gel / oil does. It gives you squeaky clean feel which I love, I personally doesn't like any kind that super moisturizing on my body skin because it's just gives me slippery feeling EUGH!. But this soap bar have a rich lather. 1 bar enough for 1 person for a whole 2 / 3 weeks.

And what I like it's only 40 IDR. ow yeah! definitely will buy and repurchase when I finished my first bar. So much love for this bar and the smells stain on my skin for about 3-4 hours if I doesn't do any harsh activity. But, if you doesn't like squeaky clean skin feeling you will need a good moisturizer to moisturize your skin.

Rates : 4,5 / 5 (Make a big size one please LOL! and shower gel / cream version of this)


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