My Hair Makeover Journey by One Piece Hair Studio Kelapa Gading

December 14, 2013

Before & After

Hi Blusher, yeah I know it's been a while. I'm not updating my blog at all. Just so freaking busy with college ASSignment.1 December 2013, I just got a hair makeover by One Piece Hair Studio in duty as a KBJstar. The Hair Studio located at Kelapa Gading Boulevard, this hair studio as known as their International Standard Hair Studio. With their 2 Japanese stylists and 2 local stylists. 

What is One Piece ? One Piece is an International hair studio from Japan with resume client from New York, Japan and South Asia. With all the concept and technology from Japan, Hisato Suzuki brought One Piece Hair Studio to Indonesia.

One Piece well known with their Signature Service such as 3D Japan Cut, C-Wave, Japanese Perm, etc. Also, their treatment such as Crystal Treatment, Ultrafine Water, LBI Supersonic, Carbonated Water System (CWS), etc. 

Please kindly watch the vlog to see the quick process and the result :). Thank you!!!!

Here's some of stylists at One Piece Hair Studio Kelapa Gading.

So let's get back to the story about my hair makeover, I always want to go back with my crazy red hair. But this time I want it to be more quite and calm color but it still red and playful. So as my stylist Mizuho-san said red is a suitable color for me so.... why not ?

Mizuho-san decided to dyed my hair ombre, the crown color should be burgundy violet and the bottom will be dark red. SO EXCITED. 

Before I start, the assistant stylist wash my hair with Carbonated Water System, this treatment will rinse out all the dirt on my scalp and hair. I got my hair dyed twice, first on the crown then on bottom for ombre.

And tralala, I really love the result. Well actually, all the chemical process will damage your hair but until now my hair is still okay and not really damage (because I don't bleach my hair). Thank you very much One Piece Hair Studio and also KBJ!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful treatment, the salon looks lovely. Hope you're having a great weekend sweaty. Find Hair Studio