Bali June 2014

June 07, 2014

HAI Blusher! YES! I just spent a whole week with my family at Bali. Bale! A beautiful island with a thousand stories and tradition behind every corner of its greatness...

Kadang dari kita ada yang kurang begitu suka traveling dengan keluarga, well for me it's actually a priceless memories. Spending a whole 24 hours with family sometimes can be challenging, boring, spontaneous, and crazy. Apalagi ditambah dengan lokasi liburan yang countless. My dad and mom planning this vacation for just about 1 month, when suddenly my Dad said "yuk ke bali..." then BAM!. 

My first time experience this exotic island. Yap ! ini pertama kalinya menginjakan kaki ke Bali (sound norak) and I already want to come back again and again. Kuta, Jimbaran, Legian, Nusa Dua, etc. Every time I step on a new place, I always can learn something and become more grateful. 

Mercure Hotel Kuta, totally a strategic place to rest my ankle sprain. Yep, jangan pernah ke Bandara Soetta pagi-pagi dan ngejar flight. Stuck kena macet 30 menit bergerak cuman 1 km, akhirnya naik ojek lari-lari dan keselo karena turun dari trotoar bandara sambil nenteng koper yang beratnya 15 kg. I cried for a whole night and annoyed my next room where my parents stay. My dad even said "jangan nangis terus, papa jadi sedih" cause I'm still your daddy's little girl :").

Kecak Dance Uluwatu, a must place to see the real entertainment of truly bali dance. Engga ada yang bisa kalahin tari Kecak yang di Uluwatu, aku juga nonton tari barong dan it's totally boring rather than Kecak Dance di Uluwatu. Satu yang engga bisa dilupain pas di Uluwatu ketika MC nya bilang "we came from different countries to this one place, we all together tonight as one" *teary eyes* *blink* *blink*.

And the other recommendation place to see with your family vacation are GWK, Kuta Beach, Dreamland Beach, Padang-Padang Beach, Kintamani, Bedugul, Ubud, Tanah Lot,Monkey Forrest (my two little brothers love this place) etc. Well I think a whole place at Bali can be excited if you enjoy it. So that's it my vacation with family at Bali, well see you Bali on August 2014. Next, will be stories with my friends and all the random and crazy things. :)) Can't wait!!!

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  1. ah bali emang bikin jatuh cinta kayanya kalau vacation kesana ngga pernah puas dan selalu pengen datnag lagi dan lagi

  2. aaww your father is soo sweet !!