Covermark Moisture Veil LX MN00

August 30, 2014

Hi blusher, a few weeks ago I just received this beautiful "Powder Foundation" yeap from Kawaii Beauty Japan (yeap the one who create a Japan Beauty Trip *giggle*). Bisa dibilang this Powder Foundation become one of my favorite and holy grail powderfoundation ever!!. I'm the one who avoid using Powder Foundation even I have a combo-oily skin, but PowderFoundation can end up cakey on my face.

EIII!! for fancy packaging (I'm so done with cute packaging)
yeah, It comes separated. The Compact Case and the Complex (which is the product).

  • Compact Case 1500 Yen =  IDR 168.866 / $ 14 (30 August 2014) 
  • Complex 4000 Yen = IDR 450.310 / $ 38 (30 August 2014)

This Powder Foundation do have a lots of claims and "magics"

  1. Contains an all-new reformulation of COVERMARK's Moisture Coating Formula to hydrate and moisturise the skin, enabling a flawless finish.
  2. Contains Skin Melting Formulation to blend flawlessly with the skin and instantly cover imperfections upon application.
  3. Contains COVERMARK's exclusive formulas Sandwich Complex Powder and Moist Change Powder to absorb oil and achieve a lastingly radiant finish.
  4. Contains 7 herbal extracts to moisturise the skin: Panax ginseng, Ganoderma lucidum, Japanese Angelica, Coix Seed, Aloe, Mulberry Bark, Beech
  5. Prevents dark spots and freckles caused by UV rays. ( SPF32, PA+++ )

Sorry for making you read those words :"D. But here's the conclusion based on my experienced using this powder foundation for about 1 week (I do use it for humid and hot freaking weather such as beach)

Pros :
  • Great Light-Medium coverage without cakey face 
  • Doesn't melted off from my face ! OMG 
  • Give a flawless and glowing skin, your skin will appear more bright
  • Doesn't give me any breakout 
  • Great for touch up 
  • GREAT OIL CONTROL (perfect for combo-oily skin)
  • Plus point for super fancy packaging
  • Powder to cream texture
Cons :
  • I can't use it alone, I need to use it with tinted moisturizer or foundation. If I use this alone, it will leave some blotchy areas such on my forehead. But I think it depends, since my forehead kinda having some sunburn problem due my vacation on Bali (duh)
  • Pricey. But, it's worth every penny

Rate : 4.5 / 5

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You can find Covermark here
Singapore store
Address:Cosmetics department, Level 1, Takashimaya Department Store 391 Orchard Road Singapore 288873
PH:6737 1746

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