Nivea : Essential Care LipBalm

October 13, 2011

hi, my lovely friends and readers :) how are you doing ?. sorry for not posted anything... But, today here I am again. so let's get this review begin.

Nivea : essential care lip balm 

comes with jojoba oil and shea butter

let me explain the benefit from jojoba oil and shea butter

Jojoba oil : it's an extract from shrub native at dessert of Arizona , California, and Mexico. it's like a fat that skin normally produce . It's can make your skin more soft and moist. also this oil can easily blend and soak into your skin. This oil always been the most favorited oil for all the beauty product. We can easily find this oil at lotion, soap, and some shampoo.

Shea butter : Shea butter is an extracted from nut at African Shea tree . Shea butter is usually an ingredient for make a chocolate !!. also for sunblocking lotion .

That's why this lipbalm is so moist !! you like apply an oil on your lips LOL.


Like :
  • made my lip so moist
  • transparent 
  • simple and so easy to bring 
  • have a big huge value. ( I used this like for 5 months everyday)
Dislike :
  • you need to apply properly and often 
  • stinky 
  • the balm easily mash up 
Stars : **** (4stars)
Repurchase ? nope, I wanna try the another type.

Thank you for read my review :) hopefully you like it and hopefully this can help you. Thank you very much and have a great day friends :D 

see ya <3

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