Purederm : Collagen Eye Zone Mask

October 22, 2011

Hi, my lovely readers and friends :). let me show you what I got 1 week ago. Collagen Eye Zone Mask

I got this from Watsons Lippo Karawaci. let me explain to you what is Collagen ?


Substances that can improve the smoothness and healthy skin, and can make the skin look more toned. Also, Collagen is one of Protein that our body already had but its only 30 % from all of the protein on our body. 

Collagen Benefit :
  1. Hold up the aging process
  2. Make your skin more Healthy, Glowing, and toned. 
  3. Make your Hair not dull (But this mask is only for your eyes)
  4. Make your skin more smoother and dry parts will be flawless again 
What about the MASK ?
I got this from Watsons it's have 30 sheets of mask = 15 pairs of mask. The mask come with Vitamin E, Green Tea Extract and Tropical Fruits. That's why the mask doesn't stinky. 
The mask claim that it's helps reduce eye puffiness & dark circles. 
Like :
  • What a cheap product Rp 25.000 for 15 pairs of Collagen Eye mask
  • Fit perfectly on my eyes 
  • My puffiness has been reduce only 1 week.
  • The packaging come with a zipper

Dislike :
  • The packaging, I knew it's come with a zipper but it's doesn't help to much. I'm afraid that the mask will be dry.
  • 15 mask posted into 1 big of mask sheet. It's hard to peel it off !!! 
Actually, I got a little bit of afraid to post this review. Because I never want to post a review , that the product I never try before. When I review some products, usually the products I have been used for 1 months so I can exactly know the result..... I'm gonna back to here to upgrade the review with my before and after photo. so you will know the final result of this product :).

Thank you for your patient to read this :P. Love and kiss 

see ya <3

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