Ouch! Broken Lipstick

May 11, 2012

Hi, so I accidental delete this post. Because my finger is too big at my friends iPod -_-.

Here's how I solve my problem if my Lipstick or Lipbalm stop and stuck at the middle. Maybe some of you already know another way to solve this problem. Just push it down and roll it. But, I want do it in another way. hehe


 You will need :

2 empty jar, I found this at supermarket near my House. it's just 1$

Step by Step :

1. Use a Knife.
2. Cut the products that showing up
3. Scoop out the another products inside the packaging. it's a ton products hiding in there.
4. see ?? haha

1. Put in the microwave or in my case I use my blowdryer. 
2. Make sure all already melt down.Use a toothpick to mix around and see is it already melt down.
3. Tap in the floor strongly. This step will avoid any air
4. The final result products
5. Blowdryer the Label. It's help melted the glue. and stick the label on the cap

Use the balm with your brush. I know it's little bit too much.
and after you place this in the fridge for like 1 hours enjoy your frizzing lipbalm :)

There you go. I hope this can help you :). and give you another idea to place your makeup.

see ya <3

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