Revlon PhotoReady Concealer

April 23, 2012

Hi !!!! HOWARAGGH !! I'M BACK! hehe. Just finished my National Exam and here I'am with 4 months of vacations. waiting for my college life :). Shall we start ladies ?

Here's the baby

Revlon PhotoReady Concealer (LIGHT Pale 002)

Revlon PhotoReady Concealer (LIGHT Pale 002)

Likes :
  1. Hygienic, Because it's look likes a Lipstick so you just glide it on your imperfections.
  2. Coverage Level : *** (from 5)
  3. Easy to blend 
  4. Also brightening up your skin. Reflects light
  5. Little bit pricey : Rp 70.0000 or 7$ (Indonesia)
Dislikes :
  1. It's just amount a little products.
  2. Have a shimmer on it. but doesn't show up on your face. 
What I think :

Well, this is my first concealer, and I choose Revlon because I just in love with this brand. So, Why I don't try their concealer. And the result quite make me proud. hehe. I used this concealer like everyday right now. I just in love with this, but i also want try the another type of concealer.


Before : Dark circles, a lots of pimples around my checks also on forehead, redness around nose and lips.

little bit scary :P
 after blending the products. (quite impressive)
 with flash (see ? how bright my face)
 over the sunlight. (I took the picture in different time)

Thank you for your attention :). Sorry if I do something wrong and please leave a comments bellow about your opinion about this baby :). Thanks ^^ 

see ya <3

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