Etude House Help My Finger Treatment Nail Salve Review

October 10, 2012

I always have a trouble with my nail, because I always put a nail polish without nail base or never using any cuticle oil. I'm happy that I can tried this kind of product. Treatment Nail Salve by Etude House. SO! I already use this product for about 1 weeks. So, Here's the review :)

Basic Info

Name : Etude House Help My Finger Treatment Nail Salve
Netto : 15G
Packaging : Tube 


Contains : 5 plant oil complex, deep nutrient supply, no artificially composite oil & emulsifying agent, cleansing with water, sweet almond, jojoba, green tea seed, macadamia seed & avocado oils.

 About the "Etude House Help My Finger" is a name for nail treatment by Etude House. The another product from "Help My Finger" collection are 

 So let's we talk about the Treatment Nail Salve :)

Gel Texture. When you blend it turns into an oil.

As you know before this post, I have post a lots of Nail tutorial and nail polish review. Yes ! my nails turn into yellow and my cuticle becomes so rough and it's hurt.
Well, as you can see this nail salve really have an instant result. My cuticle become soft and it's also help my finger from yellowish :D

  • Smell really good (well, it's Etude House)
  • Doesn't sticky at all, absorb really fast (1-2 minutes)
  • Softness Cuticle
  • Reduce nail yellowish from nail polish
  • Just need a little for all of your fingers. 
  • You can use this anytime you like.
  • Sometimes if my hand got dry I also use this and it's works really goooooddd
  • It think Etude House counter doesn't selling this item again. Solution ? Online Shop

Final Opinions :
" I do like this treatment nail salve, I think this is a multifunctional product with a lots of benefit. I really recommend this product for any of NAIL JUNKIE all around my blog (?) LOL , It's does help your finger"


they still open PRE-ORDER for KOREA COSMETICS from 1- 16 OCTOBER 2012, You can order a lots of Korea Cosmetics brands such as Etude House, Skin food, Missha, Innisfree, etc.

PS : Hey, this is Marsha talking to you guys. LOL ! I really stress out with a lots of my college assignment (well, freshmen got shock on every beginning) also counting from this day to 2 weeks later I gonna heading a mid term exam which is gonna waste my energy and time. I HAVE A LOTS of draft on my post line, I still try some products and I still pending some post because it's still not perfect. Sometimes the pictures got blur, not focus, need to edit, stupid lighting, OR BLA BLA BLA!. But I still do my responsibility to all my beloved sponsors who support this blog and me. Thank you so much I really appreciated you guys.

So please pardon me, to not post any tips or vlogs that I already promised before. HIKS ! FIGHTING!!

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  1. fighting for your ass-ignment (lol) dear <3
    it's ok, you will be familiar with their possessiveness that takes your time. lol
    kinda miss u girl <3


    1. Thank you ! I will fight to my ass-ignment hehe. Yes that right but it's okay for me since blogging is my passion ^^. Thank you. see you on my next post..