Etude House Milk Talk APPLE Review

October 05, 2012

Being beautiful, not only from outside also from inner. Not just, how your makeup or hair but also your scent. Believe it or not ? Your body scent represent your personality. If you have a bad scent that means you not really good at take care your body. But, If you smell nice and yummy that's mean you really care about your body and also people with love to stand beside you :P

I think this is the first bath collection from Etude house and I love it so much. It comes with 5 scent. All scent are so unique and yummy LOL. Once I already tried Strawberry milk talk, I do like the scent. Doesn't sting too much and make my head dizzy (I got really sensitive with my sense of smell). 


Name : Etude House Milk Talk (Apple)
Netto : 20 Ml
Consistency : Light - Medium (Ruined)
Foam : Easy - Medium level to make the foam ( I'm using regular shower scrub, not using a sponge from Etude House)
Smell durable : 2-3 Hours (if you not do the outdoor activity )

The bottle is squeeze-able it's make the product comes out really easy. Some bath and body packaging are really hard to squeeze out the product and it's hurt my hand (weak...).

Pros :
  • Cute packaging ( so much win )
  • Have a nice smell, not sting, doesn't make my head dizzy. 
  • Moisten your skin (all day long... really)

Cons :
  • Pricey for 200 ml (at official counter). Solution ? Online shop / Pre-Order
  • For this adorable body wash, It just comes in 20 ml.... Solution ? Re-purchase LOL or just use a little if you want.
Where I got this ?
Zatura online shop, The have Pre-order Korean product start from 1 - 16 Oktober 2012. You better hurry up.
If you have any question about this product and Zatura online shop, please leave a comment bellow. 
Aku lagi sibuk banget sama kuliah aku yang jadwalnya padat banget.... HIKS! (curhat). Tapi dibulan ini aku akan post banyak video dan juga product review untuk para readers setiaku :), ow giveaway... yah aku masih mikirin kira-kira giveaway kayak gimana yang bakal aku adain hehe. giveaway aku bukan untuk gain follower tapi untuk follower aku yang memang follow blog ini karena suka ^^. LOVE YOU GUYS. 
see ya <3

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  1. gyaaa,ada yg wangi coklat yah? jadi pengennn~
    btw salam kenal ya,blognya menarik! :D

  2. Hehe yuk order sama zaturanya hhe. Iya Salam Kenal juga 😊

  3. Penasaran sama banananya say... Thanks for share marsha