Urban Decay Midnight Emergency Kit Review [Sponsored]

November 24, 2012

"Saddle up with MIDNIGHT EMERGENCY for on-the-fly.sexiness. This lifesaving kit contains 4 luminous eyeshadows, a travel-sized shadow brush and a full-sized Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Midnight Cowboy. Throw it in your purse for an instant glow - day or night" Urban Decay said.

I made a video review + tutorial. So please check out and still stay tune for the tutorial I'm still working with it. :D


If you like to see video. You can watch this video,and if you like read you can read the rest of this article :)

First time I saw this, I already fall in love with the design. Comes in golden faux leather and zipper makes it looks so glamorous and fancy. You can see from the packaging box there's a background with zig-zag line and 4 color gradation represents the 4 eyeshadow color. With a full sized lip gloss, I think this is a very pretty deal for your "emergency kit" at your party, event, or any occasions. I do have a problem everytime I went to event such likes eyelid creasing, uneven eyeshadow, or even the e/s is fade out!!!.

This pallet comes in 4 eyeshadows Midnight Cowboy, Midnight Rodeo, Midnight 15, AC/DC. Midnight 15 is the newest shade from Urban Decay for this pallet and the another color you can find it at another pallet, and cream shadow version (Midnight Rodeo), or even their sell it individually. Some eyeshadow are great with pigmentation and texture, but I really give up with their shimmer. I think it's too much and if you not carefully when apply it on you will end up will like Edward Cullen. The shimmer gonna fall to your cheek.So, I recommend to do your eyes first then go with face makeup.

All the eyeshadow have silver or golden shimmer on it, super pretty on your eyes. Kinda reflect light and make your eyes more "sexy" and appealing. 

must say they are pretty
 As usually Urban Decay always put their Lip gloss, eyeliner, or even UDPP on every pallet. In this pallet their are so brilliant to combines with lovely nude shimmer lip gloss "Lip Junkie Lip Gloss in Midnight Rodeo". This lip gloss have a very minty and strong cooling scent, I cannot stand it first time I smelled it. But, after a while it's okay.

Give you cooling and unique sensation on your lips. It does make your lips look so attractive and YES! It plumps more my lips. You can check it on my video how it's make my lips looking so "boost". 

I love tubes lip gloss than lip gloss using a wand to apply it on. I always feels dirty to put the wand applicator everytime I wand to use it again. Put it back to the tube and feels guilty to let bacteria grow inside it! YUCK!. But, if you using tube like this your lips doesn't contact with another product inside it.

lovely UD signature at the cap.
Nude with silver gold shimmer
Travel sized eyeshadow brush perfect for touch up, not for build the color. I find so many times hard to using this brush. I don't know is that my fault or it's, but it doesn't pick any pigment and make the eyeshadow at their pallet mess up every time I want load this brush. But just let forgive it, because the design is very pretty.... (slap on me)
Woah! I think this photo a little bit creepy haha !
woah last photo is creppy

Pros :
  • Simple packaging, 4 eyeshadow +1 Lip gloss + 1 Eyeshadow brush
  • Great pigmentation and color choose
  • Pretty, fancy and luxury packaging
  • Mirror inside the pouch
  • Easy to build the intensity of color
  • Great content for each product
Cons :
  • Too much shimmer. Solution ? Put your eye makeup first then finish with face makeup
  • Hard to find. Solution ? Pre order Online shop  
Where I got This ?

They just open their PRE ORDER USA 18-30 November 2012.
You can order ?
PO USA 18-30 November 2012:
  • MAC
  • NARS
  • EOS,etc
You can order all the product at the website, besides it's too heavy or insecure.  
Visit their website for more info!

SMS, Telp/Whatsapp 08-9999-02019
YM: order.zaturashop / order.zaturascg
Pin BB : 215D716F

Thanks you to Zatura, and you all my readers :). I hope this can help you to decided and got any information that you need. If you still have a question about this please let me know :). Thank you!!
see ya <3

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