Lancome Liner Plume (01 Noir)

December 10, 2012

Eye-Liner High Definition Long Lasting. A precise tip for ultimate and buildable lining. -Lancome

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I got this eyeliner as a 'prize' from Lancome Indonesia, Thankyou.  I never saw this before at Lancome's website or even their any media social such as twitter or Instagram. I was so excited then tried this on my upper lashline, then a few minutes later, it's smudge everywhere !. First I was really disappointed , I mean "it's Lancome's" but what happen with the quality ?

I really like how the tip of this eyeliner is very flexible, it also can reach inner corner of my eyes since it's really deep. The packaging looks simple but still fancy with silicone (maybe) handle makes your finger anti-slip when applying the eyeliner.

Pigmentation & Color
Not so dark, it's more like natural black. So, it will not looking so harsh on your eyes. It's only available in black.

Long Lasting
For oily eyelids nope!. You need apply eyeshadow primer first to help your lids from creasing and greasy. But, when I tried to swatch this on my hand. I decided to let it sit for a night, next morning it's still on and still good (I sleep like a Godzilla when sleep). Then I took a bath and check it on my hands and it's still on. SO what  happen ?! confuse here

waterproof test. It does transfer a little bit on the tissue
it just faded a little bit or maybe much.
Final opinion
I do really like this eyeliner for making more definition result. With a pointed and flexible tip, really easy to achieve cat-eyes winged line. It's dried really quick, good for touch up and go to products. For this super expensive eyeliner (for me) I never use this for everyday look, just bring this everywhere for touching up my eyeliner. It's just come in 1 ml.

4/5 stars

Thank you Lancome Indonesia, visit their twitter and facebook here


see  ya <3

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  1. What? It only comes in 1 ml? *dies* How much is it?

    Is it a new product? A replacement for the one before, 'Artliner'?