GEO NUDY Brown ch624

July 24, 2013

Yuhuu! Another contact lens review. Today review is come from Geo Nudy Brown collection color in brown or easily CH624. This contact lens is one of my favorite one. You will know why I love this contact lens by reading my review :D

This Contact lens have 14.00 mm Diameter which is a comfort zone for my eyes. Not too big and suitable with my eyes shape. OH MY! THIS IS THE MOST COMFORTABLE LENS EVER! Another type from GEO can easily makes my eyes turns into red and feel like something in my eyes. But this one is wonderful I feel like wear nothing, If you know what I mean I always checking into a mirror to see if my lenses still on it or not LOL!!! 

Because I'm not a typical girl that always wearing contact lens everyday but this one makes me want to wearing this everytime. Because me BF said this one is the natural one and the most subtle one from my another lens. He said that my eyes looks like a puppy ._. OKAY! 

The design of this lens is not very vibrant. Because I have my ring light so you can clearly see the design. But in real life it doesn't visible like that. It's look natural in real life and give you an large eyes effect.

BAM! Instantly makes my eye look more bigger and beautiful

After Makeup. OH MY GOD my nose super annoying in this photo

Ulzzang enough eh ? LOL!


VERY COMFORT ! uh love this lens so much. But in real life you cannot see the design as clear as the photo. It's because HD pictures and ring light so you can clearly see the design. With natural light is appear more invisible but still give the large bigger eyes effect. This lenses is not quite powerful for you if you want a colorful eyes but perfect for you who wants a bigger eyes.


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bbm 27E3D19B

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  1. warna grey tp kliatan ky brown yaa sha >.<

    1. ini brown ci X) aku lupa edit melulu. soalnya kemarin aku binggung warnanya apa. sheer banget abis ...