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June 20, 2011

insomnia make me doing this. here's my everyday makeup eyeliner (?) f.y.i : monolid eyes !

tada... Ha ! I just spent 1 hour to edit the photo. emm I think the photo just so lame -_- right ?. I can't edit photo... i just do my best .

tips :
  1. you can use eye-primer for make your eyeliner long wear or just do like me . layer your eyeliner with eye shadow can make your eyeliner long wearing. because eye shadow texture is powder and powder absorb oil from your skin. 
  2. try to use waterproof formula . it will help the eyeliner from smudging 
  3. try to find your own brand makeup. because all of brand makeup has a different formula. and it will be works best for another people but not for you
  4. clean brush help you add colour more intense 
  5. do "half way" on your lower lash line will make your eye looks bigger. 
  6. pray before try it at home (?)
good luck :) and do your best. thank you

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