Paula's Choice Skin Remedy & The Secret

August 16, 2013

Yeap ! Another Paula's Choice review again. But this time I will talking about how my skin getting better and better. Well everything need time to change, I need about 2 months to get a much better skin ! lol ! because sometimes I a little bit lazy to taking care my skin after I realizing this progress...

Are you ready ? haha ! because actually I'm not ready to showing up my bare skin to you guys. You know I always post my face with a bunch of makeup, concealer, foundation, eyeshadow, layers false lashes and many more. This one I will go bare and honestly talk to you guys all about my skin.

Well, I start to blogging since 2 years ago. I recently have a lots of products to try. Some company of skin care want their products to be review. I never want to review a product that I never tried before and see the progress. I want everything to be exactly how it feels on my face not on my hand! So I have a lots of break out and my skin not as "virgin" anymore, my pores getting bigger and a bunch of pimples coming out happily into my face (sob). I miss my flawless face!! and yeah I'm not that rich blogger who can laser and injecting my skin with botox or using very expensive skin care from high end brand. Nope! I'm a low budget blogger, If you see my "studio" and my tools on how I taking a picture you will be laughing, maybe haha! some of my blogger friends know what tools to making a high definition picture without that expensive camera DSLR or maybe light box :P.


okay so here's the before about 2 months ago

Nighmare ! dull skin, acne scars, OGH!! comedo, I'm about to died !!! (mbak mbak face)

even after I using the BHA by PC sometimes the acne still coming out like that big zit under my lips about to explode!! but you can see here my scars is getting better and my skin getting brighter.

Sorry guys ! I was so busy on june because some of my collage project so I can't take any much photos as I usually do. I was shocked when I see this picture my scars is about disappear !!   

Here's after about 2 months using the PC skin care line. Scars getting better, my skin getting flawless and bright complexion.

This are my current skin condition. I just have a vacation at the beach so yeap a little bit breaks out and dead skin peeking through because of sunburn. But, can you believe this ? I apply my AHA and BAM! when I wake up my dead skin about to disappear. My skin become much more better, glowing, and brighter. Scars is still on there but I can deal it with a bb cream or concealer (easy lah! that's why makeup is made for)  

so what is the secret ? and what kind of PC's product that actually works really best on my skin ? HERE WE GO!

Yeap guys ! Skin Perfecting 8% AHA GEL. It works as an exfoliant to create radiant and swipe away your dead skin into your brand new skin. It works really amazing on my face just like a magic, but yeah nothing in this world instant beside instant noodles. I need about 2 months to fixing that ugly scars on my face. 

My skin likes drink this AHA because the texture is gel so the product quite easy to absorb. First time I used this my skin was really dry so I need to apply my moisturizer on the top of it. AND! don't forget to using sunscreen after you using this product, because your face is just exfoliated and your brand new skin below your dead skin is just born just like a baby butt. Just like a baby your skin can become so sensitive from sun UV rays so make sure to use UVA and UVB protections such as SPF and PA. Well, actually you really need to apply that SPF and PA everyday to protect your skin ! otherwise please say hello and welcome to wrinkles or maybe skin cancer.... 

SO that's pretty much it ! Thank you so much Paula's Choice Indonesia to introducing me this amazing product! Sorry for late post because... yeah I need to see the progress and deciding when time is the best to showing up my skin after using this product :P. Well actually I'm about running out the sample size MUAHAHAHA!

PAULA'S CHOICE NEVER HAVE AN OFFICIAL STORE, THEY SELL ONLINE AND OPEN FOR SKIN CONSULTATION. You also can get their samples by contact their customer care


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  1. Oh wow this looks like a good product many thanks for your post is really helpful!

  2. This product is also my fav together with BHA 2%...

  3. very nice post, jadi punya harapan sama Paula's Choice. Tapi mau tanya, sample 2 sachet itu bisa bertahan berapa lama? :) apa selama 2 bulan cuma pake produknya dari sachet itu? hemat banget donk hehe

    barusan jg liat postinganmu yang bisa request sample gratis. Aku udah ceritain masalah kulitku panjang lebar hehe. Bakal seneng banget kalo boleh cobain samplenya nih :) Thank you yah! tapi aku ga sertain alamat tadi.