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December 14, 2011

Hi, my beautiful friends and readers. So,I'm back here after a long unfinished school routine. School, Stress, bla bla bla already successfully damaged my skin. Pimples all around my forehead and my face looks so greasy :( ewww. So, I thought that I need Acne care ! so I found SariAyu Intensive Acne Care. and Voila. it's worked.

That's my forehead full of pimples :( if you don't like it and feel disgusting just don't look at it. HAHA ! 


as you can see the packaging quite small but it's contain the products that you're exactly need. as another acne care products this product also contain sulfur. why ? because sulfur it's the only mineral that's really perfect and amazing for all skin problem. 

Step by step :
  1. as usually clean your face from sebum, dirt, and another things like that
  2. do the step like the picture above.
  3. then. just apply at your acne 
  4. and go to sleep ( I usually used this before I go to sleep)
Why I used this before I go to sleep ? Night, Night is the perfect time to repair your skin and also it will be work if you have a beauty sleep. Not a nightmare. LOL, I'm just kidding

Likes :
  • supeeerrr dupper cheap Rp 11.000 (Indonesia)
  • It's work nicely. you can see the result just for 2 days.
  • stinky (oh, come on this is SULFUR!)
Repurchase ? Yes.
Stars ? **** (4 stars)

Thank's a lot for visited my blog a read this post. if you like, please leave a comment. feel free to ask a question for me :). Thank you

see ya.

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