Maybelline Lasting Drama GEL EYELINER

March 10, 2012

Hi, Gel eyeliner is another type of eyeliner. some of girls are familiar with Pencil and liquid eyeliner. but some of girls doesn't know what is GEL EYELINER.

Gel eyeliner have more smooth and creamy texture, it's more easily to apply and the lasting power is better than pencil. 
so, here's the Maybelline Lasting Drama GEL EYELINER review :)

Here's the packaging


 It comes with this nice brush

Packaging Review :
  • Quite nice and simple. 
  • Come with Eyeliner Brush and the cap. 
  • The packaging is to big and the products is really small inside the jar.
  • the cap of jar is quite nice. it's close perfectly. so your eyeliner won't dry quickly inside.


Explanation :

1. 2 coats of eyeliner, left thick and right thin.
2. Drop a little water
3. Rubbing it softly
4. Rubbing it hardly

Opinion :

If you are search the right waterproof eyeliner. This product will not fit on you.because the power of lasting from water is very low.

The performance

On My eyes (deliberate applying the eyeliner more)

.after rubbing my eyes freaking hard.
Opinion :

        The brush make the eyeliner easily to apply. you can control the thickness level. it won't smudge like a panda so's really really pigmented, really really black.

PROs :
  1. Cheap only cost Rp 98.000 or 10$. already comes with a brush with a cap.
  2. The packaging is not too ugly. but still nice.
  3. The lasting power is so nice. it's can stay on my eyes like for 5-7 hours.
  4. Doesn't have a smell.
CONs :
  1. really easily to smudging if you close your eyes often.
Repurchase ?  Maybe, but i want try bobbi brown Gel eyeliner.

Star ? **** (4 of 5)

Maybe that's it. if you have any question about this product I will answer it quickly as possible :).
Thank you so much. have a sparkling day guys ;)


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