Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals Healthy Natural Concealer

May 30, 2012

Hi :), Another Maybelline review again. I dying for concealer right now. I need the extra coverage for my pimples and red area. I can't find which have a natural finish. But, This concealer really make me so proud to bought this (?) haha !



The packaging is quite skinny and simple. The applicator is like a sponge for lipgloss . Did the applicator reminds you with the old UDPP applicator ?.

In here (Indonesia) , This concealer only have 1 shade which is Medium Sand. But, It's really perfect and suitable to my skin shade. Love it !


It's a little bit bright in my skin. So, I decided to use this concealer also as my highlighter.

On My Face


Focus = Under eye circle , Round my nose, Forehead, Under my lips, Pimples, ( Did I just said all around my face ? )


The coverage = Medium

You still can see all my red area. But, this concealer really suit on under my eyes . It's really brightening also conceal that area.

Pros :
  • Cheap only 6 - 7 $ / Rp 60.000 - Rp 70.000 ( Depends ) 
  • Packaging is skinny, You can bring this like everywhere
  • Doesn't have a weird smell.
  • You can find this all over Maybelline Counter
Cons :
  • Only have 1 shade 
  • The applicator is Unhygienic, Because some girls will be "dot" the applicator right at their pimples and put the applicator again to the products. CAN YOU IMAGINE !! how dirty is it ? 
Coverage ? Medium - Heavy ( Depends how much you apply on your face )

Repurchase ? Yep ! It's really wearable to use everyday.

That's it, Sorry if my post is too long :( and too much pictures. and I have a really bad English. I used English because I realize that my blog not only for Indonesia but also some country read my blog. I will !!! I will try to practice more and more for fixing my bad stupid grammar.

If you have any question please just let me know :) I will try to help you ^^.

UPDATE 7/August/2012 :
The formula kinda have a weird smell. I don't know. But I always put the Concealer on the back of my hand first before I apply it.

see ya <3

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  1. aaaa....beli dimana cuma 30rb??? aku beli 65rb, mahaaaaaallll...(yg aku denger sih emang tdnya cuma 30rb-an, tp skrg jd 65rb)

    1. AAA !! sorry. aku edit dulu yah.. iya yang bener sekitar segitu harganya >.< aku lagi kurang konsen hehe. maap yaaa maaap

    2. haha, sama toh, aku pikir kamu belinya pas harganya masih 30rb'an, kan ada beberapa blogger yg belinya waktu harganya murah. :)

    3. Maaf ya :( jadi kasih info yang salah deh :(.

  2. hey! gue sempet make ini jg :D dengan harga 25.000 doank! wktu itu beli di puri indah. lg ada event maybelline (ga tw event apaan) tp yang pasti smua produk maybelline diskon gede2 an! dan sperti biasa barang2 yg diskon berceceran ga karuan, krn lg butuh concealer trs gue beli ini. tp krn gue makenya lngsng di aplikasiin ke muka skitar 6 bulanan gt udah ngluarin bau aneh (hehee jorok y gue). nice review~!