Maybelline Blush Studio Cheeky Glow (Peachy Sweetie)

November 07, 2012

The newest blush on from Maybelline is up now. Cheeky Glow is a blush on with a shimmering things that can make your cheek looks glowing and pretty. Come with 4 beautiful shades. Curios ? Let's read the review


First time I seen this blush on Maybelline's Twitter picture, I though this is another packaging with different name of Dream Bouncy Blush. So, I decided to buy and try it on. Sadly, when I came to Maybelline's counter at Star Department store they doesn't provide any tester. With, my super instinct (haha) I bought this one called "Peachy Sweetie" what a cutie name and this blush is away different from Dreamy bouncy.


Name : Maybelline Blush Studio Cheeky Glow
Shade : Peachy Sweetie (In my opinion it's a little bit more pink coral)
Packaging :White container with transparent lid (Easy-able to see what color it is)
Content :7G

Claims (on packaging):
  • Silky Smooth Texture (True)
  • Dermatologist-Tested
  • Non comedogenic
Finish : A little bit of shimmer (not matte)
Staying Power : Weak (2-3 hours then bye bye)
Pigmentation : Medium - Heavy

The packaging doesn't contain any mirror or brush. That's why they can make this blush really affordable. First time I heard about this blush on is from a beauty blogger at Thailand and I finally notice all Maybelline products at Indonesia are from Thailand. (you can see at the back information on packaging  "Made in Thailand)

Excuse my ugly bare face (just using this blush on)

This blush on have very strong pigmentation, you need extra light hand to apply it on your cheeks. Build the color by applying a thin layer. This blush on have another 4 shades which are

Pros :
  • Affordable only Rp 49.000,- or $5
  • Small and simple packaging 
  • It doesn't contain too much shimmer. Not too glittery 
  • Have 4 wearable shades
  • It does content a lots of product. 7G
  • Texture is not too chalky
 Cons :
  • Staying power is weak, after a while the shimmer will be gone
  • Contains methlyparaben (duh!)
Rate : 3.5 / 5 ( I don't really happy about the result, This blush even more like the latest Maybelline blush on called "clear smooth blush" with different packaging)

Final opinion :
"I think, this blush does fit with teenager and very wearable for everyday makeup.  Besides, price is really affordable it also content a lots of products. And yep ! It's glowing baby... like a diamond" 

That's it, I hope this can help you to decide and know well about this blush. Happy trying and have a nice day. 
I love how the color really match with my skin tone

fail bloody nail polish
see ya <3 

Ps: not a sponsored post. bought by myself. write with my honest opinion by experience 

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  1. hehe mau tanya itu teksturnya pressed blush atau cream & bouncy gitu gak kaya versi US nya?

    1. Thank you dilla for you question. just like I mention at my review. jauh banget dari si bouncy... :( padahal pengen banget nyetuh texturenya bouncy haha. ini pressed :)

    2. I love maybelline products :-)

  2. wah...isinya banyak ya.. *suka produk yang isinya banyak* *pelit* :))

  3. thx for the review marsha! i almost pick this one up, but then realized this is just another repackage from their clear smooth one. eugh! they are so smart for making the same concept as the bouncy one.
    however, i love all of the shades though. but if you say the staying power is weak, maybe i'll just wait for the sale to come up. i'm sure they're gonna put this on sale! ahaha.
    great review, girl! and you look cute with the second pose! look like a puppy! :3 lol.

    1. ur'welcome :) iya agak mirip clear smooth ditambah shimmer. hehehe aku disamain sama puppy .. hihi

  4. i love their colors ^^ so wearable!

  5. Wah, gue kira ini si bouncy blushnya itu, tapi ternyata pressed powder juga yah.. huhu. Gajadi beli deehhh.. haha.. thanks for the inpoh!

    1. iya ... kalau ini si bouncy blush. udah ngeborong kayaknya haha

  6. methlyparaben kandungan yg bahaya juga yaaa,,, adehhhhhhhhh

  7. The blush looks great on your cheeks. I'm definitely going to get one later. I hope you'd try and write a review, too, on the other shades.