Tony Moly Panda's Dream Eye Patch [Sponsored]

December 17, 2012

LOL! Panda's Dream Eye Patch by Tony Moly. This is for help you disappear your cutie Panda's Eyes (Dark circles). Is that anybody loves panda's eyes on human face ?

Disappearing your under eye circle, only takes 10 - 20 minutes ?? Let's see :)

Comes in 2 Instruction Korean and English (good job!!)
It have like a net plastic to separated the patch
You can open and close this area, So you can still see when you wearing this.

Design and Packaging
A full coverage eye patch, cover your entire eyes. Comes in 2 patches, the patch is not too thin or thick so it have medium thickness which is good. It's has an opening part on the center of it, that cover your eyelids. So, when you applying it on ,you can still see your self and the patch.

Clean, soft and fresh scent likes baby's scent that make you relax. The scent really not disturbing at all, some of eye patch or mask have a very strong scent that I really doesn't like it.

Super! I really love how it's stick to my eyes and not easy to fall out because the patch is so moist. You can wear this after a long hard working, or a lack of sleep because Korean drama (?). When I tried this on, I fell asleep for about 2 hours!!! (actually, you just need 10-20 minutes to wearing this patch). When I wake up the patch still stick on my eyes and still have a little bit of moist ._.

Super big Patch that can cover your entire eyes. (I need cover my super ugly pale lips LOL)
super Panda's eyes

I swear to not edited this photos at all! (just adding watermark)
The before and after, doesn't give you a full result that It's really disappeared your dark circle. But, you can see how my under eyes area becomes more brighter than before.

Ow yeah, can you see that super Panda's eyes ? I was lack of sleep because my college's assignment, because this week is my last week before a long holiday so I need to do a lots of assignment. But after that I will seriously have so much time, So I can make "Beauty Class" , some silly and stupid video, tutorial, tips and trick, review and so on (LOL I hope so).

Where I got this

SMS, Telp/Whatsapp 08-9999-02019
YM: order.zaturashop / order.zaturascg
Pin BB : 215D716F

Yep ! My lovely sponsor, they just closed PO Korea and now open for PO USA and please take a look on their website for new ready stock. Here's my capture from Zatura's Website

Thank you Zatura! Thank you for you too my lovely readers. Happy holidays !! 

see ya <3

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  1. Thanks for the review.

  2. i need to try this O_O
    nice review marsha!

  3. WOW... Boleh juga nih... Bisa dicoba~ Hihi...
    Thank you info (+racun)nya~

  4. berapaan ini marsha?

    1. Hey, I don't sell it :). you can go directly to to know the price. thank you ^^

  5. wowww seriously?!
    I need it so much. hahahahahaha


  6. I wanna try it.. Nice review ^^
    Follow me yaa :

  7. Awesome! Thanks for this review! :D

  8. Woah,thank you for the review >w<
    is that eye patch removes the panda forever or for only a while?thanks :)

    visit me at ^^

    1. Hai ryn! Nope hehe
      I think the result depends on your eyes condition. Hehe

  9. Lovely review, and the patches are so funny. But I'm so jealous, you don't have dark circles at all!!

  10. Hey marsha, 1 pack isi berapa sheet ya? thx ^^

  11. bagusan ini atau etude eye's cream menurut kamu? ^^

  12. Great blog post and really helpful...... and your blog are very interesting and inspiring.

    Dark circles