Vivian Classic Grey

August 02, 2013

HI! Usually I always review contact lens made in Korea. But this time will come from my favorite country JAPAN! Yes this contact lens is 100% Authentic from Japan, exclusively imported by Japan Softlens  one of the biggest contact lens online shop here in Indonesia. Are you curios about this lens ? Click READ MORE

Vivian Classic Grey, when I see the box I was like "hmm.. fuchsia pink...ADORABLE!". Then you need to slide it up to open the box. It comes in a plastic tube kinda packaging thingy... (actually I don't know how to call that kind of packaging). As you can see all the information is on their packaging, Japanese is well know to always scan a QR barcode with their phone so the packaging also have a QR Barcode which directly go to their official website. 

The design is quite simple with black ring on the outside and a hint of grey "sparkle" LOL!. This kind of design is quite natural, the color also not too bright in my opinion. 

Well actually the color is grey but IDK it's look a little bit kinda blueish... but the most point about this lenses is THIS IS THE MOST COMFORTABLE LENS EVER!! Seriously ! It just a super comfortable lenses ever. When the box arrived at my home, I was asked the owner that "should I need to soak this lenses for 1 night before use it?" .. and she laughed... "you don't need it". Okay so I just go straight wear the lens, when it's already on my eyes I was like (._O) "what !? I can't feel anything.. Am I wearing the lens wrong... I CAN'T FEEL ANYTHING!" WHOO HOO! Happy lah super ! I can wearing this everyday whoop whoop!.

Cam 360 Version, LOL! If you wanna see how it looks like using Cam 360.

It does makes my eyes looks much bigger and the color is also super pretty. It's not too bright, and also the diameter is 14,5 which is a comfort zone for me. Dia 15 will makes my eyes looks like a dead doll. Ow! talking about doll, this lenses I think a perfect pair for dolly looks.

Thank you Japan Softlens, You can visit their link bellow to grab this cutie lenses.

MOBILE / SMS : 081-807-909033

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  1. wow you have beautiful eyes! sparkel in your eye *-* and you gorgeous too :)