Sponsor and Partnership ?

Why make me want to be your Sponsor ?
             I'm a flexible girl who review all products with my experience (min. 10 days after receiving) with my knowledge about beauty. I used video and articles because I found readers have a different excitement to read a beauty review. I also want to answer and give a tips to all of my reader question if it's not a private question. You can go to my "Marsha Karta Swadharma" pages to read a story about this blog and me. My blog get hits and view 400 per-day and 10000  per-month (November 2012 last updated) all found from my Social Media Account and Google Search Engine.  Thank you

Can you REVIEW my product ?
            Yes, I will review your products with pure of my opinion and experience. Also I can review your products by using Video and Articles (or you can choose one). The product must be related to Beauty Products. Your products also will be show up on my Twitter and Facebook page.

Can you make a GIVEAWAY ?
            Yes, I can make a giveaway. Also if you want a giveaway with competition like beauty contest I can manage that.

            Yes, If your event near to my house (Jabodetabek) I can attend your event. If your Event at outer my area (Jabodetabek) we can discuss it more. I also gonna post a Beauty Event Report and Vlogs. 

Permanent Sponsor
           If you want to be my permanent sponsor your Company name will be show up at my side banner without any prices (Free) but also with a good benefit to myself. :D . If you doesn't give me any information about your sponsorship information, I will still show your banner with time limit for 1 month. After that, with obliged I will take off your banner. :)

Specification about MARSHA

From Head to Toe :
    • Hair  Color : Medium Brown 
    • Hair Type   : Natural wave and volume.
    • Skin Tone   : NC-25 Fair Skin
    • Skin Type   : Oily-Combination
    • Eyes Color  : Dark brown
    • Tall              : 165cm
 I used English 80% of this Blog because I found that my readers not only at Indonesia but also Global. I used Bahasa for Local products.
I used English for my VLOGS and Makeup tutorial with Bahasa subtitle if needed.

Advertise Banner

Thank you before if you want to place your Advertise on my blog :)
For advertise you can choose 3 size of banner. I can make your banner or use your own company banner.
  • Available for 3-5 months
  • For prices please kindly email me to ask.
  • Your Ad must be beauty related 
  • If you have a custom size please tell me before.
  • I accept Local or International Company

If you have any question about sponsor / ad kindly email me at :

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