Dear My Blooming Cheek (OR202)

August 10, 2012

Hi, are you still remember my review about this new collection from Etude house ? Yes, I forget to review the rest of the collection. Forgive me !! I got this blush from Etude House at their Pink burlesque event.  

I got OR202 shades. This blush on comes with a highlighter. So, no more talking here's the review :) 



The packaging looks the same with Etude House cookie blusher but without a blush on applicator :).
Size quite handy so you can put this blush inside your makeup pouch :). (I always carry this blush inside my makeup pouch).

On this blush on lid you can find "Dear my blooming" signature logo which like a Cinderella's Carriage :)


Without flash and Without flash (Right Blush on, Left Highlighter )

In front of Sunlight and Room light

Because this blush on comes with a highlighter. So it's become a little bit tricky to use this blush :).
A (Highlighter)
B (Blush On)

Tips 1 : Use a blush on apples of your cheek then use a highlighter above the blush on. For giving a  blooming effect
Tip 2 : First use A then use B. This will give a cute baby doll blush effect :)
Tip 3 : MEEH! forget about 1 and 2 ! just mix the highlighter then apply on your cheek :)
 Pros :
  • Cute packaging (?) 
  • Wearable 
  • I love the pink shades that's give me a natural blush 
  • Comes with a highlighter.
Cons :
  • Low pigmented ( You need 2 or 3 layers )
  • Too shimmering for me
  • Doesn't come with an applicator 
  • Pricey (?)  
  • Doesn't stay longer (After 3 hours this blush gone secretly)  
  • A little bit chalky .
Repurchase ?  I don't think so, I got this blush for free. But, I really want to try their cookie blush on which is so highly pigmented :).

That's it :) If you have any question please let me know and sorry for any mistakes. I need to fix my english a little bit :). I really want to review a products use Bahasa but I really want to write this blog with english :(.

Don't bother me ... Love you

see ya <3

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  1. your last sentence is kinda cute! haha it's ok, you'll improve your english by writing often ;) anyways, i have this product and i have reviewed it on my blog as well. i have to face it, i can never wear it. etude is too generous with the shimmers. lol

    1. Thank you :'). Yeah you right is to shimmering on my face :( and sometimes the "glitter" goes around my face.