Revlon Photoready Airbrush Foundation (020 Shell)

August 25, 2012

YOO ! I got this Foundation from Revlon Indonesia and I'm so falling in love with the result. If you already know about Revlon Photoready collection you must be familiar with last foundation before this airbrush. Revlon Photoready foundation have a very unique formula which is have a Photochromatic pigments bend and reflect light to erase every flaw. first I thougt it was a glitter but It doesn't make your face like wearing a tons of glitters.


Packaging Material : Tin Container , Plastic (Lid and Pump)
Name Product :  Revlon Photoready Airbursh Foundation ( 020 Shell )
Netto : 39,7 G
Price : IDR 150.000 (Rupiah) //  $16
Texture : Foam turned into Liquid.
Finish : Semi Matte

Things the I really happy about this foundation is.. It's comes with a pump! Yeai. Most of Revlon foundation especially Revlon colorstay doesn't have any pump ! and it's really hard to control the products to comes out. But, even though this have a pump. it's really hard to press the pump (You will see it if you watch my Video Review)

I'm also made a video for this foundation. You absolutely can see the result. I put on this foundation at 1 PM until 9 PM

As you can see it's have a photochromatic Pigments that can reflect the light from flash photography that can make your face looks so bright. Because it's water base I think it's wearable for oily-combination skin like meh!

See the foam turned into liquid ? and on the right picture you absolutely can see the "Photochromatic Pigments" that's looks like a glitter.
 Luckily I have the right shade, even thought it's a little bit to brighter on my skin ! LOL

Since this foundation is fit for photoshoot. So here's my photo with Flash, Without flash, and sun light.
I absolutely forget to put this foundation around my neck ! BIG NO FOR THIS PHOTOS ! NOOO

Pros :
  • Can make your face looks bright.
  • It's feel natural. like you doesn't wearing any foundation on.
  • Last long day
  • Have a good oil control. Not bad !
  • Cover redness. 
  • Can reflect light , Perfect for photoshoot unless you don't put on too much.
  • Easy to find it . 
Cons :
  • Have a weird smell.
  • Can make your face like wearing a glitter. Little bit
  • Can't cover pimples or scars.
  • It's only comes out in 4 shades in this country ( Indonesia )
Repurchase ? I don't think so. I don't like wearing a foundation. I use BB cream for everyday routine and Foundation for just special occasion. 

Rating ? 4,5 out from 5.

Thank you so much for Revlon Indonesia and all of you my lovely readers :D. I hope you enjoyed this review. If you have any question please let me know by leave a comment bellow. Thanks a lot.

See ya <3

Lot's of video will be uploaded this month :)

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  1. waaaa kayknya bagus ><
    sayangnya aku di kota kecil jadi susah nyarinya..
    mampir blogku kalo ada waktu

    1. kota kamu dimana say ? :). mungkin ajah revlon shipping ke seluruh indonesia ^^ hehe

  2. I think that foundation is great! however I prefer to use concealer, hehe...

    Join my $300 ASOS gift card giveaway :D! click here :D

    1. Yeah you right. I use their concealer too from this collection :)

  3. That's so cool! I have never try revlon foundation before! Even now, i am not big on foundation..mostly tinted moisturizer. Hey you and I seem like the only 2 that do Youtube huh? ;) that's cool.

    1. Same with me I don't really like foundation. I can just put a tinted moisturizer and ready to go :D. Not really, some of Indonesia blogger also do it on youtube but not really active :)

  4. it's funny when the foundation shot! It happens to me too sometimes


  5. Wow the foundation looks so good on you! I guess i got the wrong shade.. Its too light for mee... T_T

    1. Hi :) wanna check out how to find your right shade ? I'm also made a how-to video :D

  6. the foundation is so awesome, i really want to try it! :) it suits you so well :)

    hope you have a fab day hun! ~ XO
    Chriissydollxo's Blog

    1. Hi christine :D go get 'em. thank you I hope you too :D

  7. nice! i cracked up when i see "ow yeah" foundation photo!! Haha..
    anyway marsha.. i nominate you for versatile blog award..

  8. hai marsha! i also give you a versatile blogger award through my blog :)

    hope you check it out and have a good day! :D

    1. Hai :D Thank you very much. I will do the award later :D. Thank's for visited me :D

  9. Cici, dirimu flawless sekali >.<
    Ci, yg masuk indo hanya 4 shade ?
    Apa aja sih ci 4 shade itu ?

    1. Wah iya itu kondisi muka aku 8 bulan yang lalu (2012). Sekarang muka aku lagi jerawatan parah xD. Shade yang masuk ke Indo aku kurang begitu ingat tapi lebih ke medium beige gitu karena sesuain sama kulit indonesia :D