NYX Girls Nail Polish (NGP 145 MOONWALK)

August 23, 2012

Hi ! My first time ever ! writing a review about nail polish. LOL, when I think about this review I a little bit scared to do this. I absolutely doesn't like painting my nails ! (really). I'm a girl who paint my nail every once a month or maybe until it's became chipped or gone from my nails by itself LALALALA !.

I bought this nail polish because PROM NIGHT ! I want a color that represent night, galaxy, moon, star, and modern. Tada! I found this nail polish at NYX's counter Summarecon Mall Serpong Centro. and I got fooled by their SPG or BA she said "100.000 Idr for 4 Nail polish" and yeah I bought this nail polish together with my friends. We think it's cheap until I realize actually it's 25.000 Idr for 1 Polish. OKAY LA ! for the quality and color.

Basic Info

Packaging Material : Glass with Silver plastic Cap.
Brush : Black rounded (thin) , Lenght : 1 inches 
Name Product : Moonwalk/NGP 145
Netto : 12 Ml
Price : IDR 25.000 (Rupiah) //  $2.7 
The consistency / Texture : Ruined (medium consistency)
Finish : Gloss or shine 

Another Shade


Pros :
  • Easy to applied 
  • Very pigmented (1 layer already enough)
  • Cheap ( for Department store Nail polish )
  • Have a lots of shade (at Indonesia there's not much as at another country BOO!!)
  • Easy to remove it (Doesn't stained on your nail polish such as red polish ._.)
Cons :
  • easy to chipped 
  • Low stay power (Use a good quality top coat for best stay power and shine finish)

Repurchase ? Yes, Another shade

 Rate : 3.5 out from 5 .

Thank you, If you have any question DON'T hide it write it on the comment sections I will love to read and answer any your question :).

see ya 💋

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