Talika Lipocils Expert (Grow your lashes!)

August 15, 2012

Dying about you born with a thin lashes ? Envy with another girl with long and full lashes ? OH ! THAT IS ME ! I born with thin lashes and... I think I born without any lashes on it. You can see all my "eyes" photos on this blog and can you see my lashes ? OH ! If you see that is FAKE !.

I got irritation lids because of Fake lashes, maybe the glue or the lashes who make my lids hurts. But, my lids seriously turns into red. (I like wearing a red eyeshadow everyday and that's embarrassing).

So, Here's I want to introduce you with Talika Lipocils Expert. uh lala ! I love this.The formula was found at World War 2 (don't imagine a soldier use this to their lashes YA!) first they found this for heal a soldier from a tough war.Then, Talika use the formula to grow woman lashes. What I love about this ? HEY ! IT'S MAKE MY LASHES GROW BABY!. Imma love this one. (oh, so talkative ? after 1 weeks doesn't post anything *kiss one by one my readers*)


It's sample size (I got this free from Talika 'cause I won their contest EHEHE!). 
I will not talk about 'sample' packing but the real size packaging

The applicator is so unique.
Netto : 10ml.
Material : Plastic, Silver Plastic (cap)
Applicator : Mascara wand and sponge on the tip 
Make sure your lashes are clean from mascara or any makeup products.Use the sponge to apply the products your eyelids and the root of lashes. The use the mascara wand to apply thoroughly your lashes. Apply it every morning and evening ( I apply this every night before sleep, when you sleep your body works perfectly) for 28 days.
Since, It doesn't come with the mascara wand.So I just use the sponge tip to apply it to my lashes.

Proudly present :
Lashes's Diary
(stupid ._.)

Hi, my name is lashes... I was born on 4th april 1994. I asked to myself "why I was born different, I just different with another my friends? WHY?!". But, until one day Marsha (yeah that's me) meet with Talika PR and that's woman (ci Wennie helow) gave Marsha a products that can make me grow !.

Every night before sleep, Marsha never forget to 'feed' me with this Talika Lipocils Expert. and This is me after 4 days :D Amazing right ?
 and after 15 days. Marsha never forget to 'feed' me and LOOK-AT-MEH! I'm gorgeous baybeh! and I got a lots of photo session with Marsha. You wanna see my portfolio ? Just scroll this page down beybeh :* (LOL!!)

Haha, That's me just being silly.

Consistency ? Gel texture, Transparent.

Pros :

  • It doesn't give me any side effects.
  • It's really make my lashes grow 
  • Smells nice. But, after the final days It's stink.
  • Simple packaging make my day. So, I don't need to control my clumsy and silly hands from drop it or scratch on it. (Stupid reason)
Cons :
  • It's really hard for make my lashes clean. I always found the applicator become dirty because of my eyeliner of mascara. (LAZY ME)
  • The formula smell stink after 10 days . Because, the applicator touch directly with your lashes and you put it back to the tube and any gems or your makeup grow inside it.(NO!)
  • Pricey (Rp 485.000 or 50$) for Full size.
Repurchase ? Sorry, I don't have enough money :'(

Ratings ? 4.5/5 (Because of unhygienic applicator...)

THANK YOU If you reading this :). I hope I can help you, If you have any question just feel free to ask me by leave a comment bellow. HAPPY FASTING for all my readers who are Muslim :D and don't forget to send to my email your AMPLOP ya LOL ! Just kidding.

see ya<3

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  1. wow hasilnya keren jg ya ^^
    km kelahiran 94 kah?

    1. iya :) kelihatan banget. haha iya aku kelahiran 94 :D tapi mukanya udah boros hoho

  2. wihh harganya ,sesuai sih sama hasil yang cepat >.<