Maycare Eye ScotchTape

September 25, 2011

Hi, My lovely readers ♥. Now, I'm gonna share to you what I got yesterday. It's Maycare Eye Scotch Tape.
it's come with a wand.
if you want to know. I'm identical Asian. as you guys know asian doesn't have double eyelids. just some of Asian have Double eyelids. and my eyes doesn't have eyelids crease anymore. Yeah Monolid eyes.
With Scotch
Can you see how I got a double eyelid ? the scotch are pretty transparent but when you put eyeshadow above the scotch the result will be like this :

The left picture I used the scotch tape. Can you see the tape ? hmmm, It's normal for a scotch tape. It will be like that.

The right picture : I just remove a scotch tape. it's pretty funny ! after I removed the scotch tape. it's leave a empty space... That's is scotch tape.


Scotch tape and eyelid glue are different I prefer scotch tape than eyelid glue. because sometimes eyelid glue are very hard to remove, but scotch are the easiest one,you just remove it like you remove the regular scotch tape for paper craft.

Like :
  1. It's doesn't hurt my eyes.
  2. Cheap (Rp 20.000) and you will get 80 strips.
  3. Easy to find it. just go to the Department store. (search : Kay Collection)
  4. Easy to use
  5. you will get the wand for help to find the eye crease.
  6. Pretty transparent 
  7. It's not heavy on your eyes. yep, pretty comfortable
  8. Stick perfectly on your lids. all day long
Dislike :
  1. It's doesn't have any size.
  2. I think the size is really small for my eyes. But, It's okay.
Stars : **** (4 Stars)
Repurchase ? Maybe, but I want the another size. I want try L Size. LOL

That's all my friends. I don't think the size from your eyes are the big deal how you looks beautiful. I knew some of people said that eyes is the point of beauty but for me smile is the point :).

Have a nice day and God Bless you 

see ya <3
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