PAC Liquid Foundation All day Coverage (Shade C02)

August 05, 2012


 You need to turn the cap to the right to make  the products come out
YEAI for safety !!!

Height : 9.5 CM
Material : Thick Glass (Body) , Plastic (Silver and the cap)
Netto : 30 Ml.
Shade : C O2
Manufactured by : Pt. Martina Berto

It claims :

Dermatologically Tested. No animal testing.

"Hides spots and other imperfections leaving your face soft and smooth, Contains anti-oxidant sunscreen agent and Chamomile Extract to provide protection for your face. For daily used"



I made a video again for this foundation. Don't hate me :* 


Coverage ?     **** ( 4 stars out from 5 )

Stay on power ?   It's smudge and doesn't waterproof. I sweat a lots (Oh ! Confession) and the foundation do melted... and after a few hours the foundation become cakey...

Consistency ? Creamy kinda of gel texture.

Smell ? .... emm WHAT KIND OF THIS SMELLLLLL. It's smell weird.. I can't really describe about the smell. (Go to a near Martha tilaar store and smell it by yourself....*a punch to myself)

This foundation is a water based. So, It's fit with oily combination skin type. it's doesn't said how much it contains sunscreen. But what I see is this doesn't giving a dewy finish like another foundation with sunscreen does. It's really matte and satin finish. I don't really like kinda of this foundation. Because It's makes my face looks creppy... My 'wrinkle' with show off really well. like it POP OUT from my face. JIAAH ! NOO WAY

But, I still love this foundation ohohoho. I usually use this when I go to my office (Yeah, I'm working now. curios ? Ask me) well nobody curios about me. blaah ! haha.

Okay, that's it. If you have any question PLEASE let me know :) Thank's a lot

see you <3

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  1. wihhh marsha kerja apaa? aku penasaran kok :D
    marsha menang si video competition yaaa? :D
    emo2nya lucu bgt hahahaha

    1. ahahaha aku kerja ada deh ;) kalo kita ketemu aku kasih tauk haha.
      iya ci ^^ favorite doank kok. ahahah iya aku ngambil dri web gitu

  2. Hello :) Do you know how much does it retail? Thanx.

    1. sorry, but I really don't know :) I will check it for you ya at their store :D