[VIDEO] How To: Sharpen your Eyeliner (Less Broken)

August 21, 2012

I saw a lots of girls,woman,lady have a same problem with Pencil Eyeliner. We always spend a lots money on broken Eyeliner or left over product at the Sharpener when you want to sharpen the pencil.

This tutorial will show you how to Less Broken your eyeliner when you want to sharpen it.

Most of Eyeliner have a creamy consistency that can easily melt and mess. So, in this point we want to make it hard. I already read some articles about how to sharpen your eyeliner and the result is same. PUT-THAT-IN-YOUR-FRIDGE! but make sure you have a dry space. Don't!! put it above meat (yucks!), or maybe Popsicle.

I prefer to use a cosmetics sharpener. Why ? a usually pencil sharpen doesn't designed for soft or creamy texture like a pencil eyeliner. Cosmetics sharpener usually just have a blades that concentrate at the pencil wood not on your 'eyeliner'. Example ? Check this out

Anyway, if you found this Tips help you please let me know. If you have another way to sharpen your eyeliner let's share it together :D.

see ya <3

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  1. Hi! I was blog-walking on your blog and found this post. Aku punya pensil eyeliner make over yang creamy banget dan susah diraut. Akhirnya, aku tau cara ngerautnya yang bener. Thanks for sharing~