Saturday, August 17, 2013

Lee Hyori Inspired Make Up


Hello everyone, yeah I know this post gonna be different (maybe). I will post a lots of selca LOL! cause this post I made to join MUC (Make Up Challange) by IBB. Once I already tried to join this contest but fail and this time I want to join again because the theme quite fun and challenging for me haha! Honestly I'm not a big fan of Kpop, but I do adore how Korean woman really treat and maintain their body from head to toe AND! I curios how they (K-Pop star) keep their hair neat during the live show with that powerfull dance move. (well, I was a dancer and I know how my hair transfer into 'sapu ijuk lepek' after finish the routine) LOL!

My inspiration is Lee Hyori. Why ? She is beautiful, sexy, sensational and different. Not like the other Kpop star I think her style quite different, tanning skin, bold eyes, bold lips, WOGH! I'm in love with her. I already like her since her U-Go-Girl, ChittyChitty BangBang, and now Miss Korea, Bad Girls, etc. One more point why people need to love this girl haha! Her Smile eyes ! I always want that eyes when I smile... Reality my face looks so chubby and stupid if I smile like her ._.

So I will showing up all my selca haha! Please bare with my expression, I really tried hard to achieve Hyori's sensual attractive eyes ... Haha ! so please enjoy :).

and of course all beauty bloggers know about this part ! LOL

Really fun create her looks such a challenge for me to achieve bold eyes and lips together without looking like a drag queen LOL! I hope Hyori's style also give you the inspiration :D. Good luck to whoever join this challenge !

If you want to know more about Hyori maybe this videos will help you ;) enjoy.
And yeah I tried to achieve her makeup at Miss Korea MV Concept


  1. yuhuuuu aku jg suka bgt makeupnya di miss korea sm bad girls.. mmg cakep bgt ya dia sha..
    bibirmu warnanya bagusss :D
    good luck yaaa..

    1. iyah dia makeupnya keren-keren engga mainstream >.< demen aku liatnya. hehe iya itu perpaduan eyeshadow, eyeliner, sama lipstick mauve gitu ._. cucok abis bibir aku HAHAHA! Thank you ci rini XD

  2. ku suka lagunya lee hyori yg ini ^^ nice makeup, paling suka warna bibirnya. good luck ^^

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