Shiseido Tsubaki Damage Care Shampoo Review

January 13, 2015

OH MY GOSH ! I want to say sorry, big apologies for all sponsors who already give their product to me to review and post. I have some difficulties with my phone, I lost all my data and also it's kinda heart breaking for me since phone is a part of my blog. LOL (lebay). But, yes it's made me so hard to update my social media. I also have another concern in December 2014 that makes me leave all my job :). sorry...

But, here I'm back again. aw yes, Happy new year for all of you (kiss kiss). 

So! back again on my Japan trip. I was doesn't bring any toiletries with me. Since I want to buy it all ,right after I touch down Japan. While at Matsumoto Kiyoshi Harajuku, I saw this shampoo from Shisedo called Tsubaki Damage Care and the result is AMAZING!. My frizzy and uncontrolled  hair become very smooth and silky. (I can swear, shisedo doesn't pay me to write this review LOL).

My hair condition while in Japan using Shisedo Tsubaki Damage Care

I afraid when I'm back from my trip, I can't find this anymore in Indonesia. But it's totally wrong, now I can have it in Indonesia. Nihonmart beauty is an onlineshop that provide you all the beauty products directly from Japan !!. This is my second bottle of Shisedo Tsubaki Damage Care.

Talk about the price, It's the most affordable shampoo ever for such a nice result. IDR 70.000 for 220ml. 

Thank you Nihonmart - kosmetik online <3

My hair feels so light and silky smooth


(Shisedo, Hada Labo, Dolly Wink, DHC, Majolica Majorca)

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  1. Wahhhhh... kinda need this shampooo...
    This review helps a lot... Thanks dear.... Definitely gonna buy...

    Btw, aku baru aja ganti rumah dan alamat blog,
    kindly enough to follow me di my new page?
    Thanks dear...
    Happy New yearrrrr ya...
    All the best for 2015.