PAC Matte Lipstick (Creme Caramel ML08) & New Hair

August 01, 2012

PAC give me this Lipstick as my prize for winning their competition. I want to share to you a little bit about matte lipstick.


As you can see, Matte lipstick is a matte finish lipstick which means no gloss, sheer, or shine. Some kind of this lipstick can dried your lips. It's doesn't have a oily or butter that sheer lipstick does. Because matte give you a dried lips look, matte lipstick really match with a girl who has big or full lips. Because It's doesn't make your lips looks more bigger or fuller. Gloss or shine make your lips looks bigger and full.

 Packaging :
  • Simple
  • Black with Dark metallic blue on the middle with PAC Logo
  • The cap quite secure and doesn't fall out when it's on your makeup pouch.
Texture :
  • Creamy and easy to apply.
  • Not give you a stain finish. Easy to rub with tissue.
  • Have a nice smell (Doesn't like any lips product smell)
The color is looks a little bit brown red. I don't really like kind of this color. I prefer cool red or classic red. but, Thank you PAC to give me this :)
Number of layer applied (Without flash and with flash)
Captured in front of white lamp

Captured in sunlight (sorry for a mess lipstick)
Pros :
  • Cheap $5 - $6 (Rp 50.000 - Rp 60.000)
  • Easy to apply 
  • Easy to find
  • Have a nice smell
Cons :
  • Not stay longer, You need to re-apply this lipstick after a few hours.
  • Doesn't moisturizer your lipstick. You need to apply lip balm before apply this lipstick.
  • Hard to see the color because the packaging doesn't have any transparent side to see the color. 

Where you can find this lipstick ?
 Local cosmetic store or Mustika ratu store at shopping Mall (Indonesia Only)

That's it, overall I still like this lipstick :). So, If you have any question please let me know and here we go for end up this post voila ! say hi to my bangs.

I wear PAC Lipstick Creme Caramel
 see ya<3

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